How to troubleshoot Canon Printer MX922 Support Code 6000

Errors in Canon printers can appear due to various reasons. This Canon error mostly appears due to cartridge issues. But there can be various other reasons behind this error. Whenever you get into this error, check your ink cartridge. If your cartridge is working then check for other reasons. Whenever you encounter a malfunction of the 6000 printers, the following message will appear: “A malfunction of the 6000 printers has occurred. Turn the printer off again. If the problem persists, refer to the guide.” There is a myriad of reasons that trigger this error. Some of the most likely reasons that lead to the 6000 printer malfunction are listed below: You will find foreign objects such as dust particles, newspaper scraps, pins, stickers, or other items blocking the proper opening of this paper feed tray. Due to the jam, the printer displays error 6000. In case the paper feeder is not installed correctly in the printer, the error code may appear. When you inadvertently give multiple print commands at exactly the same time, there is a chance that the newspaper will get stuck in the feed. If the printer has been surrounded by many different files preventing proper ventilation from your printer lovers, it may create a 6000 error.

Troubleshooting Canon MX922 support code 6000:

Check the ink cartridge

When you get into the error, check the ink level on the cartridge. If the ink level is low or your cartridge is empty then replace the cartridge. Open the access door and remove the empty cartridge. You need to purchase the original Canon cartridge as third-party cartridges provide poor printouts. The original ink cartridges are a bit costly. If you take thousands of prints per day then you have to purchase the cartridges often. Purchasing the original cartridges often will cost you a lot. Instead of replacing the Canon cartridges, try refilling them. You have to purchase good quality ink for your Canon printer. Open the access door of the Canon printer and remove the cartridge. Now open the ink drum and refill the ink. Don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose as the ink has carbon content which can be harmful to your lungs. After refilling the cartridge, close the lid tightly. Now shake the Canon cartridges and then install them. Give a print command and check whether your Canon mx922 support code b200 gets fixed or not.

Update your printer driver

Canon provides regular updates for printer drivers. You should always update the driver as the outdated driver may start showing the error. Go to your Canon driver and check for the new update. If the new update is available for your driver then install it. In case the error is appearing due to a corrupted printer driver then you have to repair the damaged files. You can also use the driver update tool as this tool can update and restore all the drivers of your device. For corrupted drivers, you can also consider reinstalling it. Go to the driver folder and uninstall the Canon printer driver. Restart your device and navigate to Canon website. Search for the printer driver of your model and then download and install it. Now try to take printouts from your Canon device.

Check for the pending print jobs

Sometimes the user can get the error when he has lots of pending jobs. When you get the printing error, check for the pending print jobs. If you have any pending job then delete it. You can cancel the pending print jobs in the Canon device by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the taskbar
  2. Click on the printer icon
  3. Hit the Display Print Queue option
  4. Your print queue windows will appear on the desktop
  5. Click on Cancel All Documents option on the Printer menu
  6. A confirmation window will appear

Click on Yes button and the pending print jobs will get deleted. Now try to take a fresh printout from your Canon printer.

Check for the printhead

Your Canon printer can start showing the error when the printhead gets clogged. If you haven’t cleaned the printhead for a long time then use the utility tool and remove the clogged ink. Here are the steps to clean printhead in Canon printer:

  1. Go to printer driver setup window
  2. Tap the Cleaning option from the maintenance tab
  3. Hit the Execute button
  4. A confirmation window will appear

Click on the Yes button and wait for the process. Repeat the same steps for about 2-3 times and then restart your device. Check whether your Canon printer error gets resolved or not.

restart the printer. Most of the time when you are faced with 6000 malfunctions you just restart the printer to fix the problem. To reset your printer, unplug it. As soon as you’ve unplugged it, wait a couple of moments before plugging it in. Turn on your own printer and wait until it is active.
Now, press and continue holding the “Power” button for a couple of seconds. After a few minutes, press the “Stop” button. Repeat this process 2-3 times. After releasing the power button, release it gradually.

For the above step, press the “Stop” button for 4 days. Performing these operations is guaranteed to solve your problem. Otherwise, try the next one.

Clean the paper feed tray. Open the printer cover and reveal the paper feed tray. Deletes all documents from the tray. Check the paper for pieces of paper or paper clips that may be stuck there.

These foreign objects prevent the newspaper from being easily processed. After deleting all the documents, try unmounting the menu. If the tray can be removed, reinstall it properly so that the combination is tight and proper. If not, make sure it is seated correctly. Put all the newspapers back together and restart the printer. This should reset your error to 6000.

If you still cannot understand how to correct the Canon 6000 printer malfunction, you can write to the customer support staff who will help you with all further questions. Just tell them everything you’ve tried and they’ll show you the next steps to take.

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