How to use any 4G sim in jiofi wifi dongle | How to Unlock JioFI Wifi Device

How to Unlock JioFI Wifi Dongle to use any Sim

Before coming to my website to unlock your JIOFI device, I can bet that all of you have wasted your lot of time watching fake videos on YouTube, It may also possible that you have been visited too many spam websites or watched too many advertising to download to the latest version of the JIOFi firmware, obviously you didn’t find any definite solution of how to unlock JioFi device to use any sim in JIOFI dongle.

Here I ‘ll tell you two ways to unlock your JIOfi dongle device.

Lets begin to unlock your JIOFI device. I have two ways to unlock JioFi device. both ways are reliable easy and risk-free. The first way is only for JIOFi device users and the second way is to unlock any popular dongles like Huawei, ZTE, Idea Airtel etc.

Let see the First way to unlock JioFi wifi dongle.

First ways is dedicated for JIOfi device user. You can unlock your JioFI wifi dongle within 15 minutes. Just follow the below written 3 easy steps. Let’s get started!

Here are the 5 steps to unlock your JIOFI device or dongle

Step 1 – The first step to unlock your JioFi Device is full charge your JIOFI battery. According to my 3 month old device, it takes 2.30 to 3 hours to get fully charged. It’s my advice only, do not charge your JioFi device with fast charges.

Step 2 to Unlock your JioFi device – Hard reset your JioFi device. Yes its most important to unlock your JioFi device. Do not forget to follow this step.

how to unlock your jiofi device

2.1 Login to your JioFi admin panel or dashboard. Default JioFI admin panel user name and password is Administrator

  • JioFi Username Administrator
  • Password: Administrator

2.2 Go to User Management

2.3 Now you can see Restore Defaults in the left sidebar menu.

how to use any sim in jiofi devie

Note: Be sure to backup your device before proceeding to the third step. You can see the backup option in the left-side bar menu in the picture shown above.

3. The third and last step to Unlock your JioFi device and use any sim in your Non-Jio Device is to Upgrade JioFi FirmwareEven it is Jio, Idea Airtel or Vodafone all telecom services providers work on the same. The default Jio device framework is locked to catch other networks. So, to use non-Jio Sim in your JioFi device is to update the JioFi framework. You can download JioFI firmware from the below link.

Download JioFi Unlocked Firmware (Do not forget to see step 4 and 5)

4. Step 4 to unlock JioFi device

how to use any sim in jiofi dongle

As you can see in the above image. Go to the software upgrade option from the left sidebar menu. Click on browse, select downloaded file then finally click on upgrade.

  • Do not interrupt the firmware upgrading process.
  • Do not click any button.
  • And do not plugin charger or any USB.

Just put it on the table and let it happen smoothly. It will exactly take 8.5 minutes to complete the process.

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your JioFi device. Your wifi dongle is cath any network. 

Let’s note down the second way to unlock JioFi device

Please note that this option is not tested by me. I am just writing it here from the source of the different websites. But I thought you should know this option as well.

To unlock JIOfi device and use any other sim, follow the below and 3 steps

    1. Download Universal Master Code Latest Version 2020.

  1. Insert any Non-Jio Sim in your JioFi Dongle
  2. Connect your device using data cable. You can also connect with Wifi but I am recommending you to use data cable only. Because its fast.
  3. Select JioFi from Dropdown.
  4. It will auto pick your IMEI number if you followed above steps exactly.
  5. Click on Calculate.
  6. Now input the Unlock key in the input field and click on submit.
  7. Your JioFi device will reboot twice and lights will blink. Let it happen Untill your JioFI device catches network.
  8. Congrats You have the unlocked JioFi device now!

What to do if Firmware Update Not Working

Well, it should not happen if you already followed all the steps correctly. But if it happened, then do not worry. Here we have strong glue to fix the broken.

Please check the below

  1. Make sure there is no memory card in the slot of the JioFi device.
  2. You have reset the device. I mean the device is on its default settings.
  3. If the battery is below than 75%, the upgrading process will not start.
  4. You have completely downloaded the file. Downloaded firmware is not broken.
  5. Do not rename the downloaded JioFi firmware.

After checking the all above steps. Retry from the first steps. If still facing any issue, use our comment section and write down the issue completely. I ll revert ASAP.

Thanks for reading. Happy Unlocking.

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