How to use WooCommerce on your current WordPress website

This article talks about WooCommerce which has become a popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. As of June 2019, WooCommerce has already been powering around 7% of online stores and 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce sites. The process begins with the website running and installing and then activating the WooCommerce plugin. It can be done either on the existing or new website.

Certain steps has to be followed and they are as under:


  • Plugin Installation – The first thing that needs to be done is to install WooCommerce on the website. It can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repository, and then it has to be uploaded on site. Once the plugin is installed then activate it.
  • Setup Wizard Access – After installation, a page will come up which will prompt you to enter some basic details of yours, including address, currency which you will be using and whether you plan to sell digital or physical products or both. But it can be changed on the later stage, if someone wishes to change the information provided earlier.

Choosing Payment Processors

  • Choosing Payment Processors – Here, the payment modes can be chosen from where you will be accepting payments for purchases made on your website. It can be PayPal, Net Banking, Cards, etc. Simply use the required option and it will be set on your WordPress Website Design Services.  

Shipping Options Configuration

  • Shipping Options Configuration – It will enable you to set rates for shipping a product. Different rates can be set for distinct zones or locations. And one can also choose for free shipping options, if he feel to do so.
  • Review optional Add-Ons – Till now, the website is ready to use after it has been configured with all the basics of an online WooCommerce store. But still there are some additional add-ons which are not necessary but will make your site more attractive and will help in setting up your store quickly and easily.
  • Installation of Optional Jet Pack Plugin – Jetpack is also an add-on for WooCommerce and offers a wide range of features. It includes security functions, various analytics, and much more. It is not usually required but can be a useful addition to an online store.
  • Completion of Process – Now the store is ready to roll out and can be used. Here, a lot of useful links canoe found. One can import the products from a store, return to WordPress dashboard or can edit settings which are just been configured. However, now one can start adding products to their website.

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