How Water Softener Helps in Savings and Better Health

Water is essential for hydrating our body, and that is why it is one of the basic requirements for the survival of human beings, along with all other living things. Thus it is essential to consume only 100% pure and safe drinking water with Aquaguard service. We waste water in various ways like drinking it directly or use it while preparing food or for taking a bath and washing etc.

Studies have found that over 16% of the population uses water from unprotected sources, and this is one of the prime reasons behind the different types of health issues. and consumption of hard water plays a significant role in causing various kinds of health hazards. Try Kent RO service for better RO service and repair in all over India.

What is Hard Water?

Water contains different types of minerals and metals. The water which has got a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions is hard. So how can you find that the water supplied at your place is hard or soft? It’s effortless; if you need to use more soap or detergent to make lather in the water, then it became hard.

Hard water has got different types of adverse effects on the human body. Along with that, it also caused various kinds of problems in your home. It leads to costly and inefficient operation of expensive appliances which requires water like washing machines, water pipes, geyser, and others.

Hard water causes a scale of calcium and magnesium in the appliances and thus causing malfunction and increased maintenance cost.

Health Hazards Cause Due to Consumption of Hard Water

As per the International Journal of Preventive Medicine. the regular exposure to the high density of minerals from the hard water has many adverse effects on the health of those who consume it directly or through other ways.

Hard water not only affects you when you drink it, but it also has many ill effects while you use it in other ways. Contact of hard water with your body and skin also caused different types of issues.

Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin

Using hard water on regularly for washing hands or taking a bath creates a direct contact of the skin with the metals. This causes different types of skin-related issues like eczema, skin irritation, scaling in leather, etc. So, it is best to do a check on the level of hardness of the water. If the concentration of the minerals like calcium and magnesium is high, then you can use a water softener to eradicate the issue.

If you find that your hair and skins are too rough even after using expensive and quality cosmetic products. Then the reason behind the same is the hard water that you are applying for taking a bath.

The minerals in the hard water settle in your skin, and the soap becomes useless to clean it as it can’t make enough foam in hard water. The residue of the minerals irritates the skin and makes it dry. It also causes blackheads. Using a water softener will eliminate all of these concerns.

Effects of hard water on your hair

Hard water mat also causes hair loss. Hard water contains a high concentration of magnesium, calcium, and silica, which caused breakage, dryness, and thinning of the hair. Along with hair loss, it can also cause dandruff in as the regular use of hard water destroys the hair follicles.

Using hard water for cleaning your hair makes it rough and frizzy. Thus, it becomes difficult to clean or wash with shampoo and other hair products. However, in soft water, there will be no such issues. It quickly creates lather and removes the hair rightly and keeps it safe.

Hard Water can also affect your Kidney

There may be numerous reasons behind the kidney problems, and consumption of hard water is one of them. The excessive amount of calcium in hard water may cause kidney stones. Thus, it is highly suggested to consume only properly treated and purified water to avoid any health issues.

Along with these, there are many other health hazards which caused due to extensive use of hard water in our daily life. In the past few decades, evidence has been found that drinking of hard water has a direct connection in influencing mortality, especially cardiovascular mortality.

Several investigations have found a direct correlation between cardiovascular diseases, growth retardation, reproductive failure, and other health issues with the hardness of the water.In the past few years, the count of death caused water-borne diseases has been doubled. Thus, it is essential to take proper care of the quality of water consumption.

For taking care of hard water, you will find different types of water softeners with different fealties and specifications along with size in the market. Along with selecting the type of water softener, it is also essential to decide the size of the same. You need to choose an appropriate size depending on the number of members in your family from Aquaguard RO service.

For industrial usages also, you need to select an appropriate size of the water softener as per your daily usages. The size of the softener is not the concern; you need to check the ability and power of the same. Taking assistance from the experts in the field is highly suggested to get the best product, and that is also at the best price.





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