How Zillow clone script boost your realty business?

The real estate domain has long occupied a prominent place on the web and in the app stores. Today, there’s a lot of speculation that real estate websites and mobile apps might one day replace agents and brokers completely. This may sound a bit disturbing if you’re a real estate agent who hasn’t already gone digital. On the other hand, real estate mobile app development is something that agents can invest in to keep pace with the times.

What is Zillow Clone?

                Zillow clone script is an online realty script. It provides all features and functionalities required by the entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their own start-up in the real-estate industry. Basically, it is a real estate and rental marketplace focused on empowering global consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge about various real-estate properties as per their niche needs and requirements. You can introduce advanced and latest technology which will allow your users to access a variety of properties based on their selection and preferences.

How Zillow and Trulia managed to revolutionize the housing market 

Originally, neither of these companies were in the business of selling homes (instead, they sold advertising to real estate agents). This enabled them to provide more insight and transparency in the housing market compared to trade associations and housing industry establishments like the NAR.
According to Stefan Swanepoel, a consultant and writer on real estate trends, portals like Zillow and Trulia have created a whole new trend of real estate lifestyle surfing. People who engage in real estate lifestyle surfing are interested in home prices and community information even though they may not be in the market to buy or sell a home.

  • Increase in employment opportunities and income.
  • Constant population growth.
  • Rapid urbanization and industrial development.
  • Preferred asset class for investments.
  • Easy finance availability.
  • Migration in metropolitan cities.

So, the reasons listed above and many more if an entrepreneur wants to boost their venture in the real estate industry, then Zillow clone is the best solution for them to start with initially. We will provide and discuss a variety of winning tactics for your growth in the realty business.

Merger between Zillow and Trulia
In 2015, Zillow acquired Trulia, and this combined entity has become the biggest player in the online real estate market. In terms of monthly traffic, Zillow had 36 million visits and Trulia had around 23 million visits in May 2018. 
The merger has had a crucial impact on Zillow’s development: around half of Trulia’s visitors weren’t using Zillow before the acquisition. Now the websites complement each other. Zillow concentrates on the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home, while Trulia focuses on the home search process. 
As a result of the acquisition, the company’s websites and apps had a combined total of around 186 million monthly visitors during the third quarter of 2018, roughly triple that of, which averaged about 60 million monthly visitors during the same period. Zillow’s estimated 2018 ad revenue is $1.3 billion.

              As an entrepreneur in the field of the real estate industry, you might be thinking about the ways in which you can utilize this Zillow clone script that will help you to boost your realty business. Following are the ways that are useful for you to expand your venture at the global level and they are listed below:

  • The first way is that it will completely manage to solve the biggest headache of the people hunting for homes and provide a solution for it in terms of real-estate database. It will introduce various cheaper and better options to explore various real-estate properties on the site based on a pre-determined choice of features and services. So, they did not have to move out of their premises to find good accommodation.
  • The next way in which you can get more customer engagement is that it continuously updates the property listings along with confirmation of any old inexistent listings remain on the board.
  • Zillow clone script will help several entrepreneurs to build a quality audience based on their purpose and with the majority market.

If you are planning to develop your own real estate venture using Zillow script, there are many things that you might want to consider, and a few features that you cannot neglect adding to complete a realty website. Here we will discuss both the things in order to make web development easier and faster for you. So, now we shall start with features that you should be customized based on your niche needs and requirements.

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