Ideas of the Birthday Party for 6 to 10 Year Old

At this age, children can now enjoy their birthday party. It can be an amazing and magical day in which your child, as the protagonist, live hilarious moments. And, you, you can contribute to making the celebration unforgettable.

Ideas of the Birthday Party for 6 to 10 Year Old

Your children can participate in the preparations for the party; they can blow up balloons, draw drawings to decorate, fill in the pinata, prepare games or contests. Involving them in their celebration will increase the enthusiasm for the party.

Birthday preparations

Before the party, create birthday invitations with your children, they can have a drawing made by them or one of their funniest photographs. They can distribute them among their friends. The decoration of the place can be homemade, making garlands or drawings and blowing balloons. Or, you can turn to specialized stores where you can buy decorative items.

In order not to be constantly aware of offering drinks and food to the guests. It is best to have a buffet-style table with midnight, sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks. So that everyone can serve whatever they want. For children, you can reserve a place in the house. Be it a room or living room, and place toys so that they are all together and can entertain with what they have on hand.

Places for a birthday

At this age, the child has exhausting energy, and they run from one side to the other and, the more children there are at the party, the more power they seem to accumulate. Therefore, a house, unless you have a large house with a garden, is usually small. Ideally, celebrate the birthday outdoors if the weather is good.

A swimming pool is a fantastic place that invites you to play a lot of birthday games Ideas for kids in the water as children have a fun time. If there are common areas or gardens in your house, it will also be an ideal place to set up a small picnic and organize fun games. There are also places where birthday parties are held, and they organize games and activities for the little ones in the house.

Birthday Games

Karaoke: if you have no choice but to celebrate the party at home, to avoid lack of control you can organize a song contest. Get a karaoke and host your song festival.

  1. Costumes: You can organize a free costume party or by theme. At the end of the party, you will deliver the prizes to the suit, most original, the most fun, the most colorful, etc. You are always trying that all children have their gift, which can be a bag of candy.
  2. Clowns: hire animation or turn someone in the family into an impromptu clown will delight the little ones. You will have a fun time with the show where they will have more fun if they can participate.
  3. Puppet theater: a puppet children’s play will attract your attention, and they will have a great time.
  4. Pinata: all children love the time to pull the tapes and see how small surprises fall

Ideas and suggestions for birthday parties

  • Avoid exclusion games; children who are eliminated from the games will end up getting bored and will not feel part of the party.
  • If you organize puppet or clown functions, try not to last more than 30 minutes, because children quickly get tired and want to play.
  • If the birthday is celebrated outdoors, always have on hand games like jump ropes, hula hoop, balls, etc.
  • An adult must always be available to monitor children, although they are already a little older, they must have supervision.

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