Ideas to Promote Your Beauty Center

Have you opened a new beauty center and want to make yourself known? Here are some online and offline promotion ideas you should adopt.

When opening a new business , regardless of its sector, it is essential to study a strategy to promote it . People must know it, they must know all it has to offer, they must have a clear idea of ​​its philosophy: only in this way can they acquire new customers and make their business a successful business.

Obviously, not all media work. If you open a beauty salon , for example, you will have to go for a “local” advertisement that – on the web as offline – reaches a certain slice of the public potentially interested in the services offered (it is useless to promote a Milan store with a national advertisement on Facebook).

Here are five ideas for promotions in beauty centers , online and offline. To find new customers, and to retain existing ones.

Promote a beauty center with online advertising

Among the ideas for the promotion of a beauty center, advertising cannot be ignored . That must be targeted, and start from the predetermined budget: once the sum that can be invested has been calculated, it will be necessary to choose the best means. The winning strategy? Combine online campaigns ( with more traditional means, such as billboards and flyers . The diffusion radius should be kept within 30 km of your beauty center .

Before talking about promotions in beauty salons, however, it is important to identify your target customer. Without profiling, even briefly, there is a risk of wasting money without obtaining results: in case you want to advertise on Facebook, for example, the best conversions will be obtained when those advertisements are seen by people who are really interested (by gender, age, location , hobbies and interests).

Promote a beauty center with targeted offers

Better to avoid the more expensive media, such as radio and television ads, unless it is a very large salon or you have a high budget.

On the other hand, it is advisable to modulate the budget according to the period : before the summer holidays you can invest more to promote waxing and slimming treatments, during Christmas you can foresee an additional investment to advertise hand and face services.

Promote a beauty center with a Fidelity Card

Among the best customer retention tools (and you know, the importance of customer loyalty is maximum) there is the Fidelity Card of the beauty center . Which can be of different types. First of all, it is possible to introduce a classic loyalty card: every time the customer spends, he accumulates points.

And, upon reaching a certain number of points, you get a discount, a small gift (e.g. a handbag mirror) or a free treatment.

Or, it is possible to provide a prepaid card : the Fidelity Card, in addition to acting as an “accumulator” of points, can in this case be recharged by the customer with a sum of money. Why is it a reward system? Because, to the sum deposited by the client, the beauty center will add a small additional sum. Actually coming to give him a voucher (e.g. the customer charges 200 euros but can spend 220).Promote a beauty center through word of mouth

The word of mouth is the engine of digital marketing. How to use it to promote your beauty center? Essentially in two ways: asking positive reviews from your customers, both on Google and Facebook, and inviting them to bring other customers.

Among the possible ways to reward the customer there is indeed this: if you bring a friend to the center, you will receive a discount on treatments or a gift. And you can also invent a small game, a competition that is giving away a prize for the customer who brings more friends.

Promote a beauty center with associations

Among the ideas for the promotions of beauty centers, the one perhaps least considered (but wrongly) is the association .

For example, you can associate with other local businesses , leaving business cards and flyers in other activities in the area and then returning the “favor”. Or maybe studying a promotional system: a discount on dinner for customers of your beauty center, a discount on treatments for customers of the restaurant with which you are associated.

Alternatively (or in addition) joint events can be organized: a make-up party inside the restaurant, the presentation of the latest beauty news in a boutique in the city. Small tips to increase the visibility of your beauty center, and to increase the number of your customers.

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