Important Factors to Measure Domain value

Do you ever think what is the domain value of the world’s topmost websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, etc? There are some important factors to measure domain value of a domain name like SEO factor, Traffic on that particular website, Traffic geographical location, Domain Age, Authority of Domain, etc. but before going into deep down study first of all you need to know exactly what is domain name.

Wondering what a “Domain Name” exactly is? Do not worry! Here we are to clarify all your doubts and confusions. The domain name is basically the name of your website, that is used for public display and use. So, rather than making use of the IP addresses, you can choc out the perfect domain name for your company’s website!

How to find the perfect domain name?

It is indeed a tough and tedious job to search for a worthy domain name that can all the more boom and intensify your brand. After all, becoming the valuable owner of a notable domain name is the dream of any and every business person. Yes, it is not so easy to find the perfect domain name because most of the times you realize that the name you have chosen for your website has already been taken by some other. But, you can not even lose and sit down! The domain name has a lot of value, which can range from pennies to a million dollars! So, what next?

You need to know the worth of your domain and its name! How to find that? There are many online website worth checker tools are available on Google Here, we present you several ways by the help of which you can easily find the actual worth of your domain, which is unequivocally vital, as it represents your website, or also if you plan to resale it, it is necessary. In fact, for your knowledge, there are many companies out there in the market who first purchase the domain names for sale, thus, they need to have the real outlook of that particular domain that they bought to fetch out the maximum possible revenue after sales! Doesn’t that sound cool?

So, as mentioned so far, to know the worth of your domain name, or even for a reselling purpose, it is important to perform the domain valuation, that is, it is a process that will tell you the value/price/worth of the domain. And this can be done by making use of any random tool searched on the internet. Which means, there are many options to do it. But, before knowing the worth of your domain, you should know the basics of it as well. So, a domain is regarded as the main part of the URL, and it has two main components:

  1. Top-Level Domain (TLD) – This is the end part of the domain, for example – .com (in the domain name – It can even be any other, but this depends upon the type of the website. Like, if it is a Government website, the TLD would be .gov.
  2. Second Level Domain (SLD) – This is the actual or main part of the domain as well as the URL, and comes it the front. Why main? Because it contains the name of the website or the business! ( as SLD is decided to be like this!). In the above example, Atlantic is the SLD.

These are the basics that you must know about the domain. Also, to get a domain for your website’s URL you need to make use of some domain name web hosting companies or, register the domain name to a vendor called domain registrar. Once you register or apply for a domain, you will have to purchase it. After you have purchased the domain name, the next step is to link it to your website. During this time, you are advised to make the title of your website more attractive and eye-catchy. This would not only increase the worth of your domain, but also make your task easier for the resale purpose in future.

What are the Important Factors to Measure Domain value?

Every business person, undoubtedly, would want the most quintessential domain to enhance its value. So, there are some important factors to measure domain value, just like the pinpoints, that you should keep in mind while selecting your domain name:

  1. Top-Level Domain – This counts a major part in the name of the domain. Usually “.com” is the most vulnerable, easy, and popular TLD, so many buyers settle to it quickly! But, other distinguishable ones can also be used, that will make a new trend in the market!
  2. SEO and Traffic –  The value of your domain largely depends on the traffic on your website, and this traffic can be increased by making use of an SEO friendly domain name. This means, the mostly searched name on the internet by the users should be used to put that in the domain name. This might also change with the trend, but that does not really matter. A good and SEO friendly domain is the pre-requisite.
  3. Eye-catchy – Yes you read it write! Your domain has to be interesting and eye-catchy. Why? Have you ever seen the domains of the most visited websites across the globe, naming some of them –,,, etc. So, these names have become quite famous now! But since you will be starting with a brand new domain, of course, that will take some time to boast up. Still it can take less time if the name is quite trendy, and absorbing! And it needs to be that much alluring, after all, it represents your brand!
  4. Comprehensible domain – This is a very important factor that affects the value of a domain. So, you have to keep your domain names very precise, understandable, clear, short, meaningful and SEO friendly (that represents your brand) at the same time. Even if you consider it for a resale purpose, it has to be mesmerizing and crisp!

Thus, as seen above, the domain is quite important and it has to have good worth and value in the market to inflate your brand and business. Even if you purchase it or you plan to resale it, it is your sole responsibility to have the highest value domain for your website, otherwise, it won’t be visited much by the visitors, after all its all the online marketing and networking!

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