Important Things You Should Know Before Printing Your Magazine

Since the release of the first magazine in 1663, this type of print media is still growing strong. When planning to print your magazine, you have to put in time, planning, and money. Apart from a stellar design, you have to mind about the printing process, the number of pages, and graphics. All these determine the outcome and costs of the project. Here are important things you should know before getting your magazine.


The quantity of copies you need is very important when looking forward to having your magazine printed. This allows finding a printer that can handle your order. Keep in mind that the number of copies you can print is limitless. Understanding the number of magazines to print determines the print process to use and budget. Some of the considerations to determine the copies for print include potential market and purpose for the magazine.


After understanding the copies you need, you have to consider the sustainability of the process. Awareness of environmental sustainability is making businesses incorporate green practices into their operations. So, you have to consider having your magazine printed most sustainably. This is very important because not all printing processes are the same. Understanding the sustainability requirements of your magazine production process makes it easy to choose a printer to handle your project.

Choice of printer

A web resource is the best place to find the best magazine printing companies after considerable evaluation and comparison. Look for a printing company with appropriate experience in magazine printing. The ideal printer should have the staff, expertise, and equipment to do the job but not one who has never handled a similar task before. This ensures that your magazine is printed without common mistakes with the finished quality and appeal to exceed your expectations.

Project budget

Part of the process of finding a printing company for your project requires understanding your budget. The rule of thumb is to work with a printer that matches your project budget. Lacking a realistic budget limits chances of getting great results. Additionally, opting for the cheapest service provider might seem like great savings but you risk ending up with sub-par results. Equally important is to choose a printing company that offers an all-inclusive quote for the budget.

Page size

The size of the magazine pages is a very important consideration. This determines the printing process, equipment, and budget. Regular magazines have a page size of 8 3/8” x 10 7/8” for being economical to use. Opting for a different size might make the magazine classified be over or undersized. Paper size significantly determines how much to spend on the project.

Paper stock

There are various types of papers that printers use on the market. So, the choice of paper stock for your magazine is very important. Some paper stocks cost a bit more than others. When looking for a magazine with a luxury look, opt for higher quality and thicker paper. However, this comes at a bigger budget. The ideal printing company to work with should have an extensive selection of paper stocks. This allows selecting those that fit your project quality requirements and budget.

Desired binding

After printing the magazine, the loose sheets are draped and wire fed into position before stapling. There are various binding options with each giving different results, appeal, and function. It is better to work with a printing company offering a range of binding and finishing options. This allows guiding you through the options available to allow selecting one to match your business requirements. Some binding options for your magazine include:

• Comb
• Spiral
• Case
• Tape
• Wire O
• Coil
• Perfect binding
• Saddle stitching

Graphic files involved

After understanding binding options for your magazine, graphic files to use might make your project simple or complex. Some of the best formats for saving images for printing include TIFF and PNG. The rule of thumb is to ask the printing company for the recommended format of graphic files they use. The file format determines the output of the magazine. Understanding the required file format by the printing company allows a smooth and seamless printing process.

File reviews and proof

The ideal printing company should use state of the art file review technology. This makes reviewing necessary project files easier before printing begins. Appropriate file review technology avoids errors that might come up during the printing process. Equally important is to understand the type of proof for the printing process. Digital or hard proofing ensures that you are sure of what to expect from the project. Hard proofing allows seeing exactly how the magazine is to look for your approval before spending time and resources.


When planning to print your magazine, you have to ensure that nothing goes amiss. The rule of thumb is to work with a reputable printing company for quality results. You can easily find a printer you can trust online from a resource with a pool of other service providers.

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