Is Microneedling After Botox Above Eyes Safe?

Botox and microneedling are most known for their anti-aging treatment, which makes the appearance look different. You need to follow specific procedures for resolving skincare.

Therefore, it is advisable to undergo micro-needling treatment and get the botox for your eyes. When you compare botox together, you will get optimal results for clients. 

Can you combine micro-needling after botox for upper facial lines?

Certain factors may results in a person’s change according to age. But others are the result of the external factors for the body elastin. 

How To Care For Skin After Botox 

Autumn is the time for procedures. It is clear why: the sun is over, the tan has disappeared, but the wrinkles and pigmentation remain and seem to have multiplied. So everyone ran to do botox, revitalization, Meso threads, and other peeling lasers.

Cleansing after any injury

• Promises: removes makeup, refreshes, soothes, does not irritate sensitive, reactive skin after aesthetic or medical procedures.

• Active ingredients: extracts of white willow bark, chamomile, and blueberry.

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Best Time To Combine Microneedling For Facial Line 

Botox and microneedling are both used to treat numerous indications of aging, although they function in distinct ways in the treatment areas. Botox relaxes the frontal facial muscle while microneedling strengthens the lower layers of the skin.

Consult a trusted esthetician or cosmetic medical specialist to see if combining these treatments is the appropriate approach for you.

Why is it Advisable To Wait For Micro-needling After Botox

Both of them are non-surgical procedures and have different ways to work in the treatment area. It is used to strengthen and lower the skin and botox relax. 

How Does Botox Affect Your Body

The effect of the drug, on average, lasts from three to six months and depends on the patient’s characteristics. Increased mimic activity and stress reduce the effect of botulinum toxin. It is also essential to follow the recommendations after the procedure: at first, it is contraindicated to be in the sun, overheat, and drink alcohol. When a particular muscle group is blocked, such as the forehead, the load is transferred to adjacent areas of the face, where new wrinkles will appear.

Some patients do not respond to Botox injections. In 1–5% of cases, antibodies are formed during repeated procedures.

At the moment, there have been no extensive studies on the effect of the drug on well-being for an extended period.

How Does Combining Micro-Needling and Botox Work

Before you wait for the botox treatment, you will need to wait for a few days to get both procedures. 

Here is how it functions:

When micro-needling after botox is done, you will be provided with administered botox for the clients. 

It helps you with cleaning before applying any of them and medical effects.

Benefits Of Combining Micro Needling and Botox

Botox makes it possible to solve the following problems quickly:

• Smooth forehead wrinkles.

• Get rid of the fine mesh of folds around the eyes, folds between the eyebrows.

• Remove wrinkles above the upper lip, folds on the chin, nose.

• Smoothes creases in the neck and bust area.

• Straightening the natural asymmetry of the face.

• Raise the corners of the lips, change the shape of the mouth.

• Eyebrows are corrected with Botox.

• Often, injections are given in the lower part of the face, which helps to keep the chain taut and fresh.

• Botox is used to treat blepharospasm.

• It helps to get rid of hyperhidrosis.


Botox can quickly and effectively solve appearance problems, but these are not the only favorable properties. These include the following points:

• Acts quickly. The effect occurs within 20 minutes for fine wrinkles and after 3-5 days for deep ones.

• The effect is long-lasting. It will last from 3 to 6 months. If the procedure is repeated, it can be done once every 12 months.

• There is no rehabilitation period; there is no need to prepare the patient before injections, to change the usual life routine.

• There will be no injection marks.

Possible Risk and Side Effects of Micro Needling After Botox

Like any medical procedure, Botox has potential risks and side effects. However, since it is a nonsurgical operation, the risks and potential complications are often minimal.


• It’s a quick and easy procedure

• The result is visible instantly

• The recovery process takes place in a matter of days

• Patients are delighted with the result, and injections are given repeatedly


• Results are temporary

• Possible side effects

Common side effects include:

• headache

• respiratory infections

• flu symptoms

• nausea

The following symptoms are less common:

• injections have become less effective over time

You need to know that botox is not permanent, and it helps you maintain the appearance of your skin. 

Are You an Ideal Candidate For The Micro needling and Botox

You can combine both of them for anyone looking for the appearance of the wrinkles and improves the skin tone. 

The treatment is a good option for:

For the women who are pregnant

Those patients with wounds and active infections for specific problems 

People who went through radiation treatments 

What Does Microneedling Under The Eyes Means

You have to know that collagen production is known as the elastin in the skin to decrease. Those results will be visible for the dark circles under your eyes. You may find them making some of the wrinkles and veins in your eyes for easier visibility.

Do you know the microneedling under your eyes will be combined with treatment and reduce the appearance signs over the body treatment?

The candidate for the micro-needling under your eyes has good health and is not the current pregnancy.  Before you start the whole process, first consider discuss with the doctor and know the following:

You need to take the prescription-strength acne medications

You need to get active scaring for the medication

Another thing is to undergo the radiation treatment


Here you will get the side effect for the microneedling is minimal

When doing some of the side effects for your eyes, it may do some swellings and discoloration in hours after doing all those procedures.

Another thing for those people who are active in the breakout may be given specific medication like those with pregnancy under their name.

Procedures For The Microneedling Under Your Eyes

When going into the office of the micro-needling procedures, it’s essential to answer some of the questions for the medical history.

Those are procedures to ensure that you are not at risk, and it can only take 10 minutes, and you are done.

After numbing the treatment region, the individual operating will gently stretch your skin in multiple directions while utilizing the microneedling equipment. As the microneedles penetrate the top layer of your skin, you may experience some stinging or pain. Any discomfort you share should be mild. When doctors follow the proper precaution after botox, you will not be at risk.

According to a review of research published in 2016, Once the therapy is finished, saline pads or cold packs can be used to minimize swelling under your eyes, according to Trusted Source. If you only get the treatment under your eyes, the actual microneedling takes less than 30 minutes.


You will notice the result within 24-48 hours after injections. You will not look 20 years younger, but you may find that you look significantly younger, and your facial features become more expressive. The above are some of the essential things you need to know about microneedling after botox.

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