Janitorial Cleaning Service for Offices

Most of the time, people dust the surface of their furniture quickly and move on thinking their job is complete. Yes, dusting is essential and an important part of janitorial cleaning service. Professional janitors know when and how they need to clean to get the surfaces cleaned. They do not just dust them; they actually take their time to do it right with perfection. They have eyes of experts and can clean the dust that is not very visible.

Cleaning the dust off is important because it comprises small particles of sand and soil. Bacteria and fungus tend to thrive in the dust. Moreover, exposure to dusty surfaces often causes allergies in most people. Hiring professional janitorial cleaning service providers like Jan Pro OKC is always a good decision. These experts know how to clean thoroughly and prevent unwanted health crisis at offices and other workplaces. Even employees are at risk of falling sick or suffering from eye, skin, or lung infections due to exposure to unwanted dust. Hiring a professional to clean the place makes the pace safe and healthy.

How Janitors Handle Dust Cleaning

Depending on the hiring company and their needs, janitors may conduct a thorough dusting once a week. Alternatively, if there is a lot of dust in the location, there may be the need to get daily or every second-day dusting. Here is how experienced janitors make the dust cleaning process faster:

  • They dust high surfaces first and then work their way down from one corner of the room to the other. Some prefer to go in the clockwise direction so that they do not miss any spot.
  • Some janitors make sure they move every object along the way, including pictures, phones, and tiny decoration pieces. However, they do not move any pile of official documents and dust around them.
  • Janitors who undergo proper training by companies providing janitor services know that they cannot wave their dusting cloth around. They have to be very careful and avoid actions that may spread the dust around.
  • Experienced janitors often recommend using damp microfiber fabric to wipe smudges and spots on furniture and walls. They use only plain water and wash the fabric they use to keep it clean.
  • To clean television and computer screens, they do not use any fabric. They use damp microfiber, and never use damp paper towels, tissue, or window cleaner. Such things damage the screen. When wiping, they make sure they are gentle and light-handed.
  • They do not use furniture polish to wipe tables and chairs unless the client specifically instructs them to.
  • A professional janitorial cleaning service would train its janitor to prevent the accumulation of dust on clocks, windowsills, frames, doors, cabinets, air vents, etc.
  • Janitors have to empty their trash
  • They vacuum carpets and also wash them once a month
  • They keep the toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors cleans all over the building.
  • They also wash the flooring in the courtyard or in front of the building.

Some companies that provide janitorial services prefer to call themselves office maintenance service providers. This is because they also clean medical centers, real estate, schools, offices, houses, universities, classrooms, restaurants and other businesses, not just offices. Restaurants should clean their production and sitting area that creates a good impression on your customers.

You can make sure your workspace is clean and spotless all five days of the week. This can create an effective image of your workplace or your environment. All you have to do is find the right cleaning company in your area.

Before you move on from here, here are some tips and follow this. Hiring a janitorial cleaning service is tricky, so make sure they are close to you. If not, then make sure they have franchises or are willing to send their janitor to your location. Check the company’s reviews and customer testimonials. Compare prices and feel free to ask them questions before hiring them.

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