Know about the Best Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is particularly popular in the marriage industry. These rings are often worn as engagement rings. Solitaire rings are also often bought as an extension or side ring. Because this ring shape looks classy, elegant and simply extremely valuable. Women love that when you choose a ring that you want to wear for a lifetime.

What does a solitaire ring look like?

A solitaire ring is definitely a glamorous piece of jewelry. It is a women’s ring. Men don’t usually wear this type of ring. In the case of a solitaire ring, a diamond is placed on the ring. This gemstone is carried in a prong setting. Since this frame looks like it has six claws, you can hear the name claw frame from time to time. The same is meant

With this version, the brilliant is optimally presented and immediately catches the eye of every viewer. And the prong setting has a second advantage. It allows the light to enter the diamond from all sides.

This is how the gem shinesbeautiful and looks even more beautiful than diamonds that are rubbed in, for example. The size of the diamond is an individual decision that often depends on the budget. However, women who want a solitaire ring should also consider when they want to wear it. The bigger the diamond, the more annoying the ring can be in everyday life. This can mean that you cannot wear the engagement ring on every occasion.

Solitaire ring in variations

There are some variations of a classic 1 carat solitaire ring. For example, you can also find rings with a gemstone in a different cut than the classic diamond cut. A heart cut can also look very chic and is also romantic. In addition, gemstones other than a diamond can be set in a solitaire ring. From time to time you can also see rings with a set sapphire or ruby.

This also comes into its own in the raised version. However, these modifications are rather the exception.

The budget also plays a role in the ring model. Pavee and halo rings are more expensive because the ring band is set with small diamonds. So if it is important to you that the main stone is as large as possible, it is recommended to use the solitaire ring.

The ring models are characterized as follows:

  • 1 ct solitaire diamond ring: classic, elegant with a single main stone.
  • Memoire or eternity ring: sparkling but subtle. Only set with small diamonds all around.
  • Pavee ring: striking, sparkling. Main stone with diamond-set ring band.
  • Halo ring: extravagant, very sparkling. Main stone with diamond ring and diamond-set ring band.
  • Tension ring: sporty, interesting. Stone is held by only two ends of the ring band.

What precious metal should the engagement ring be made of?

Pay attention to the jewelry your partner wears in everyday life or at events. Is it more gold or silver? Does she have a favorite metal? Perhaps a pleasant rose gold would also match the wardrobe and style. This tone flatters the skin very nicely. Also inquire about any allergies.

From Which jeweler should I buy the engagement ring from?

You can hardly believe it, but despite the large selection at first glance, you are actually very limited at the stationary jeweler. You will be given friendly advice as to the ring model and stone size. But: The diamond usually has no certificate and the ring is only available in one size. So there is only this one ring with this stone. No alternative, no other stone size, no other cut. The ring is only available in one version.

What if the ring is nice but the diamond could be a little different

In this case, it is worth looking online. The comparison is also often worthwhile here. Since every jeweler has a different business model, the margins differ. So it may well be that you can find the same model with a comparable diamond at a completely different price. And with an investment like this, a small comparison of the offers is definitely worth it. At Bespoke Forever you select ring setting and diamond individually in two steps. So you can put together the perfect ring yourself.

What size ring should the engagement ring be?

Usually have no choice when it comes to the ring size. Because it only offers one sizes. However, if you already know your partner’s ring size, you can order the one carat solitaire diamond ring in the right size without having to change it later. Should it not fit, the ring change is included.

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