Laravel Application Security: Features and Best Practices

Laravel is an important framework for PHP and offers a standardized and feature-packed platform for building high performing web applications. This PHP framework is young and promising, but it uses a plethora of best practices one needs for its business use.

Laravel is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks; it is young and promising and popular for its amazing performance and the active user community. It allows for developing high performing web applications. It uses best practices, and the best thing is that Laravel is a very safe and secure platform. However, there is always a scope of improvement for any framework, nothing you can guarantee to be secure to completely. When we talk about Laravel security, the best part of it is that whenever a security concern arises, the maintenance team handles it immediately.

Undoubtedly, security is a major concern for every application, however, when it comes to mission-critical apps, security becomes the biggest thing. Many times developers choose laravel framework for this concern only, because of this framework not just popular for its high-performance, but for its capability to deliver powerful security system as well. Laravel strengthens security by safeguarding against common vulnerabilities.

Laravel has gained huge popularity among developers and businesses in very less time. It is pretty easy to use, needs less repetitive code, and includes shortcuts for frequent programming tasks. Security is an important aspect, so when you are going to build a Laravel app, you must take care to include features that can enhance your application’s security. We will discuss the features of laravel frameworks and understand why it becomes the best in its category.

Template Engine

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and have outstanding lightweight inbuilt templates using which you can develop great layouts. Moreover, it also includes multiple widgets along with CSS and JS code. Laravel frameworks templates allow you to design innovative layout in simple steps, it all depends on your skills how creatively you can use them.

Artisan is a Laravel’s built-in toolset for command line which helps make a variety of tedious tasks simple. There are many repetitive and tedious programming tasks which developers do not want to perform, using artisans, you do not need to perform those tasks manually. Artisans can also further help in building the database structure, code structure, and helps in managing the database system.

Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping)
Laravel framework
provides the Eloquent ORM that has a simple PHP Active Record implementation. It helps developers generating database queries a simple task, it makes the process simple by allowing it to generate with PHP syntax. You do not need to write an SQL code to generate a query. It speeds up the process.

Libraries and Modular
Laravel has amazing libraries and which makes it an amazing framework. It has Object Oriented libraries and other pre-installed libraries as well. You can find the pre-installed libraries only in the Laravel framework, no other framework of PHP offer these pre-installed libraries.

Preinstalled libraries also include an Authentication library; developers can use it easily and utilize its advanced features to enhance the security of the web or app application. Some features of it like encryption, CSRF, checking active users, password reset, and more can help you strengthen the security.

MVC Architecture Support
Laravel’s MVC pattern helps simplify the logic and presentation and also helps in improving performance. MVC architecture support offers numerous built-in functions and helps in managing databases in a better way; it provides an amazing way to documentation.

Migration system for databases
Laravel migration system can help developers make the database structure more effective and powerful; it allows expanding the structure and avoiding the need of re-creating every time developers make a change in web applications. This feature provides better security to the data, the risk of data loss is being minimized. It allows making changes in database structure and makes the process simple by letting you use PHP code in place of SQL. Moreover, the Laravel Schema Builder feature allows building database tables and inserts indices or columns in no time.

Laravel is popular among many developers because of its amazing feature of unit testing. It allows you to run as many tests as it required to save new changes and ensures that all the changes made by the developer run flawless, without breaking any code or changes made. It ensures the smooth functioning of a program and is very careful about the known failures.

Security is a very important concern of any application. So, it becomes significantly important to pay colossal attention to security issues. Developers should be extra careful about security features when building the application; he/she can use some effective ways to strengthen the security of the app. Laravel has amazing features for web application security in its own framework. It makes certain that the password does not store as a plain text in the database, this is why it uses hashed and salted passwords. It creates an encrypted password and shows it in encrypted form only by using the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm”.

Here are some security features of Laravel that make it the best choice especially for the development of critical applications.

Authentication Process
Laravel authentication system is very powerful and enhances its overall security system. It uses ‘providers’ and ‘guards’ to secure authentication and enhances security features.

Prevents SQL Injection
With PDO binding, Eloquent ORM provides protection against SQL injections. In simple words, it does not allow any client to change SQL queries’ intent.

Protection against Cross-site Scripting
Laravel framework provides native support to protect the code from XSS attacks. This is automatic features and starts act when needed, providing all-round security. It safeguards database, and programs that has escape tags.

Laravel Security Best Practices
Now that we have understood that Laravel 5 security is outstanding and amazingly robust which can safeguard your apps with high-level protection layer. However, sometimes developers still may face some scenarios, and the developer needs to be very careful to choose the security features effectively and find that built-in security is just not enough. Therefore, we will go through the Laravel security best practices to expand and strengthen security.

Say No to Raw Queries: You can enhance Laravel web application security by simply not using the raw queries. You can avoid them to safeguard your application because sometimes they cause the SQL injection attacks.

HTTPS for Sensitive Data: Developers must layer the application with HTTPS when it involves sensitive information in place of standard HTTP. The use of HTTPS becomes a must when there is confidential data and which is essential to protect from malicious attacks.

Double Brace Syntax to the Rescue: Laravel framework is vulnerable to XSS attacks, so it is very important that developers use necessary measures to stop them. To secure against XSS attacks, developers must take care to use double brace syntax which is available in the Blade template engine.

Use Security Headers: For an extra layer of security, developers can use security headers of the web app or website.

The above security features and best practices can help secure Laravel application, however, it is always good to get in touch with a Laravel development company for expert advice that has experienced and technical expertise for Laravel development services.

PHP Laravel framework includes outstanding features and that makes this platform popular among many developers and users. Many businesses choose this framework because of its superb functionalities, innovative features, and classic architecture. If you are planning to get an app for your business, you can hire Laravel development services, to craft an innovative application.

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