List of top 10 progressive web app development companies in India USA?

PWA is useful to reach your targeted visitors. Since the mobile app has high traffic users, you can develop PWA to improve your business. Developing a progressive web application may seem easy when compared to finding a reliable progressive web app development company. Look no more because here are sorted top 10 PWA app development firms to trust for PWA web app project.

PWA app development companies in India USA
PWA app development companies in India USA

According to a reliable source “Wikipedia” PWAs are web applications that are like any web pages or websites, but it appears to the users like browsing any traditional applications or native mobile apps. No difference at all in UI and UX. It is the combination of capacities of websites and mobile application that allow creating an immersive user experience and increase user engagement and conversion rate. Addition to this, PWA can be found on SERP. Research states that PWAs offering numerous advantages to companies, such as:

  • 68% increase in mobile traffic
  • 133.67% increase in page views
  • 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed
  • 42.86% lower bounce rate when compared to that of mobile websites
  • 25-times reduced the use of device storage
  • 137% engagement increase
  • 52% average conversion increase
  • 78% average session increase

1. Clavax Technologies – Most Trusted PWA development company

top pwa development company in USA India

One of the most renowned Progressive Web App development companies is Clavax that has more than a decade of experience in the web and app development field. This development firm focusses on transforming ideas into outstanding business solutions aligned with the latest technologies. With a robust team of developers having expertise in delivering exceptional PWA services, Clavax offers custom-built solutions using flexible models to meet the diverse needs of every industry & domain. With the collaboration of big partners such as IBM, Kentico, Microsoft, Epi Server, etc., the company helps in unlocking the potential of modern features to fulfill clients’ demands with lesser development and maintenance costs.

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
$20- $49 400+ India/USA/Australia/Dubai 2011 9.1

2. Algoworks – PWA Solution Provider pwa company in India

Another great company you can rely on for all your PWA development needs is Algoworks that has a bunch of expert developers working dedicatedly to help several organizations reach new heights of success. With the successful development of more than 500+ apps, the team of Algoworks is known for the delivery of quality services within budget and strict timeline. Hire the developers of this company if you are looking for custom progressive web apps development. This firm strictly follows the best development practices and advanced security guidelines to ensure that every aspect of the app is working perfectly fine before its launch.

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
 $49/hr 300+ India 20– 8.3


3. Hidden Brains – Web App Development Company

Hiddenbrain - pwa development companyKnown for developing web apps with secured and fast-loading web pages, Hidden Brains is one of the trusted progressive development companies that use advanced technologies to provide richer mobile experience. With the combination of best features of web and robustness of native apps, the team of Hidden Brains ensures delivery of web apps with seamless performance, like that of native mobile apps. The company offers a strategic advantage for mid-size companies and enterprises across the globe with IT services that improve business processes across various industries.

4. Intellectsoft – App Development Company

Intellectsoft is one of the Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies that offer the best combination of web and mobile worlds with their expert progressive web application development services. They have a proven track record of offering a wide range of software solutions and projects worldwide to customers ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Their services not only enabled clients to meet their business efficiency & greater ROI but are flexible enough to meet the varying needs of multiple organizations. Whether you are looking for a customer-oriented app or an innovative enterprise-class solution, Intellectsoft is there to guide you from the ideation and concept stage to delivery of the software product.

5. Konstant Infosolutions – Web Development Company

Konstant Info solution - app development firm

Yet another option among the list of affordable PWA development companies is Konstant Infosolutions that taps the power of the web and mobile world together to deliver robust PWA development services. With the motive to develop client-centric mobile and web solutions, the company focusses on creating world-class digital experiences using top-edge technologies like mobility, cloud, IoT, wearable, etc. Having more than 15 years of successful work experience, Konstant Infosolutions has worked with latest technology trends to create exceptional projects for clients like Volkswagen, Nestle, United Nations and others.

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
 $50/hr 50-249 India/USA 2003 8.0

6. Mindinventory – PWA App Solution Provider


Mindinventory is one of the most trusted offshore IT solutions partners for businesses and organizations worldwide that have worked dedicatedly to develop highly intriguing progressive web apps. With the best solutions for a wide spectrum of projects that strictly meet the business requirements, Mindinventory has worked for startups, agencies as well as enterprise-level companies. Backed up by the team of technically-skilled professionals, they can make your business go smoothly with software products and progressive web app solutions across industries.

7. Fingent – Web Application Development Company

fingent - PWA solution provider company

Delivering web and app development services since 2003, Fingent is one of the best PWA development companies that worked for several mid-size and enterprise organizations. Their skilled developers have hands-on experience in building progressive web apps that works on multiple screen sizes and devices. Get in touch with the experts of Fingent to help you attract more customers with responsive & profitable web apps.

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
$50 – $99/hr 250 – 999 Australia/USA 2003 8.5

8. TechAhead – Development Services Provider

TechAhead is a great choice if you are looking for your progressive web app development related needs to take your business to a new level. Having expertise in developing various progressive web apps supported by the latest PWA development frameworks & modern principles, they provide a full range of seamless PWA services. Talking about progressive web apps, you no longer need to build apps without worrying about compatibility with user technologies. Grow your business and engage with customers with PWA development services from TechAhead team.

techahead app development company

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
$30 – $70/hr 300+ India, United States 2009 7.6

9. ScienceSoft – Application Development Services

science Application Services

Started in 1989, ScienceSoft covers a wide range of Progressive Web App development services with rich experience across several industries that drives compelling business results in today’s complex markets. The company is known as a recognized partner of IBM, Microsoft, Magento, ServiceNow, and Oracle. Get in touch with the expert developers of one of the top Progressive App Development Companies to offer immersive experiences to your customers.

10. Mindbowser – Web Application Development

mindbowser app development company

Among the Top 10 PWA App Development Companies, Mindbowser is the one that has global expertise and a professional development team that builds solutions for various platforms. Whether you need a smooth experience of a progressive web app or easy to use features, the progressive web apps for retailers developed by the Mindbowser are guaranteed to enhance site speed and the conversions. With the latest development frameworks & practices, the company helped businesses in adding tangible value, leading towards more engagement and better ROI.

Hourly Rate  Emp. Location Founded Rating
$25 – $49/hr 300+ India, United States 50 – 249 8.3


You will find world-class PWA development services from this shared list of companies as they are named as a leading firm in India USA. Hence hire the best PWA development company and develop PWA to meet your project needs.To make the sorting process fast, we added all useful parameters like company size, hourly rate location, etc. that definitely will help.

Advantages of PWAs vs native apps:

  • Independent from App Stores 

PWAs can be directly launched to the home screen, without a third party (Google or Apple) reviewing the app. Thus, PWAs accelerate time-to-market, eliminating the need to download the app.

  • Easy-to-Access 

One of the biggest advantages of PWAs over native apps that can be easily accessible using a web browser. Moreover, it takes less storage space thus becomes a favorable option for several customers.

  • It all boils down to user experience 

Progressive Web Apps for e-commerce allow you to invest your efforts on building one intuitive and interactive application instead of developing native apps across two or three platforms. Undoubtedly, PWAs are not suitable for every application but most of the businesses can generate impeccable results by delivering a better end-user experience.

Disadvantages of PWAs versus native app:

  • Limited Access iOS Features

When it comes to iOS users, there are a few factors which make PWAs less important than native apps. For instance, you cannot send any push notifications to iOS users thus missing out a huge opportunity to engage potential customers. In addition, to push notification, it is difficult to install the app on the iPhone. If you target iOS consumer base then native app development is the right option for you.

  • Unable to leverage SEO capabilities

Another disadvantage of PWAs is that they are not SEO-friendly. Through app indexing, your app can be easily shown in Google search results. With numerous users searching apps for e-commerce within app stores, native app development can open a whole new world of possible customers.

What to choose?

There is no definite answer to it. Many significant factors affect your decision, for instance, business size, business type, features required, target audience, and budget.

If you want to deliver exclusive user experience, want to reach iOS users via push notifications, and have a bigger budget then native app development is a suitable pick. However, if you have a limited budget but you want to achieve higher user engagement and retention rates then PWA can be a smart pick.

Reasons and Benefits for Using PWA for your businesses

  • Leverage Web’s Power

PWAs have URL thus can run seamlessly on any device. Embracing web capabilities, PWAs support in-memory caching that makes it load faster and deliver better SEO Results.

  • Native App-Like Experience

Just like native apps, PWAs have an elegant and lightweight design that offers intuitive user experience. Besides, it supports in-app notifications for personalized engagement.

  • Real-Time Updates

Supported by push notifications, PWAs deliver real-time updates and promotional messages, keeping the consumers updated at all times.

  • Work Offline

It offers a seamless experience with the ability to work online and offline. Being network independent, it allows users to browse even without an internet connection.

  • Add to Home Screen

Like native apps, progressive web apps can be added to ‘Home screen’ which allows users to access the app immediately, improving user engagement.

  • Supports Beacon & AR

Progressive web apps support both Beacon and AR which is used for proximity marketing and a deeper level of personalization with the customers.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for E-commerce

  1. No app stores, its like plug, and play. (No need of Play store and iOS Store to host app)
  2. Reliable
  3. Fast
  4. Cross-browser/device
  5. Always up-to-date
  6. Save time and resources
  7. Discoverable and shareable
  8. Save data
  9. Engaging
  10. Secured

Top 5 big companies using PWA technology for business App

To better understand how a PWA is opposite from a traditional mobile app or web-based apps, it is good to show some good examples here of PWAs. Some of the most digitally-advanced companies or brands are already using PWAs technology and using them to great effect. Stats shown that they successfully increased 25+% traffic by opting PWA technology. Here is the name of some top companies that are using PWA mobile apps. Here is a list of impressive Progressive Web App examples across a variety of industries – so you can experience the new web technology yourself.

  1. 1. Twitter

Twitter is taking advantage of PWA technology for its Twitter Lite platform. The PWA cached more served smaller media resources and helped in reducing the data consumption by almost 70 percent.

  1. 2. UBER

Uber opted PWA technology on time and allowed riders to book a cab on the web. Uber’s PWA, m.uber, allows you to hail a ride without downloading and installing the Uber mobile app. How good and swift it is.

  1. 3. Instagram

Did you ever notice the loading speed of Instagram web version on mobile? Whenever you do visit Instagram on your mobile browser now, you’ll be accessing it via a PWA. Observe the power of PWA mobile app.

  1. 4. Pinterest


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