Menstrual Cup for beginners: The ultimate guide in 2021

Today I’m going to talk to you about the best menstrual for beginners. The best way to start talking about this subject is really to tell you what is a menstrual cup actually? ( will cover it shortly). When it comes to choosing the best hygiene product to use during menstruation, why should a woman consider it? There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. It’s also hard to determine how exactly to proceed. In this article I’m going to discuss what to look for when purchasing these items, how to wear them, and other helpful tips (both from my wife personal experience and from research). Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this article you’ll have some valuable information that will help you make your choice on the best menstrual cups for beginners.

Period is a natural biological occurrence in every woman and it starts in girls from adolescence. There are many hygiene products available that protect against leakage and strain during the menstrual cycle. However, no product is as effective as menstrual cups in terms of leakage and protection of health safety. If you have never used it, but are planning to switch it, this article is very useful for you.

What is a menstrual cup?

As the name suggests, a menstrual cup is a cup made of high grade silicone used by a woman to protect against fluid leakage. The woman wears it inside her private part. Menstrual Cups are reusable and disposable as well as biodegradable. They are the perfect alternative to a paper pad or a tampon. With menstrual cups you no longer have to worry about preferred size. They also offer the convenience of selecting your preferred size!

Why you should switch to menstrual cup in 2021?

Menstrual Cups have changed the way how women feel about menstruation. For over a year now, my girlfriend has been using a menstrual cup and finds it far more comfortable then pads or tampons. It is also cleaner, safer, much less wasteful and of course cost effective.

If hygiene are not maintained properly then women are more likely to get an infection during periods. Tampons or pads work by absorbing the discharged fluid in them but menstrual cups collect the fluid and keep you in a safe place.

Best menstrual cups for first time user

Some points keep in mind before choosing a best menstrual cup.

You need to check some features in the menstrual cup. The first but very important features of a menstrual cup to be the best are the material used to manufacture it. Check the label of the sealed menstrual cup and ensure that the materials are clearly outlined. Ensure that only permitted materials are used, such as silicon. A cup made of high grade silicone is considered a fine class of menstrual cup. It is a bit expensive but only a one-time investment that you must make.

Since it is placed inside the vagina, avoid buying a cup that has color and chemical. Ensure that it is free of chemical and color and no odor is used.

All menstrual cups are designed to be leak proof. In order to take advantage of the leak proof characteristic, they are all designed with small air holes. The larger the hole, the better. This allows the air to escape fully and therefore reduce the feeling of leakage. This is a vital feature for first time users and continues to help the user with confidence.

Since you are using it for the first time, start at a reduced size and move to a larger one. Many women are comfortable with larger sizes at first use. Are you one of the few women who can use menstrual cups of any size? Look at the flow of your fluids. If you have light flow, it is never recommended to use a large menstrual cup. Depending on whether you are having moderate, light or heavy flow, the cup you choose must fit properly. The sizes range from cup six to cups twenty-two depending on the brand. Start with lower size cup.

There are many different styles available for first time users. Some of these include: Ruby Cup, Ruby, Plus, Easy, Tote, Halfmoon, Guardian, Butterfly, Pear, Diva and Compact. Each of the menstrual cups for beginners can be worn multiple times depending on your preference.  Check out here list of Best menstrual cups in India for beginners.

How to use a menstrual cup?

As you have known by now that menstrual cups are kept inside the private part to collect the discharged fluid. The cups can be worn on either sides or bottom. This means you can either wear it while you are on your periods or you can take it off during your period and still enjoy the comfort and ease of the cup. If you have heavy flow, you will definitely appreciate the ability to take the cup off and still enjoy the superior comfort provided.

Wash your hands every time you use it. Follow the instructions on the catalog to avoid any damage to the skin of your vagina.

Final Thought:- No matter which product you use to shield against fluid leakage during menstruation , it is good as long as you are safe.

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