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With the growing trend towards mobile-first, every company needs to create a mobile experience to better communicate with its users, no matter what stage of the purchase process they are in. To succeed in this aim it is necessary to develop business applications that allow you to interact with customers at any time of the day and wherever they are.

Have you finally made the wise decision to develop your business application and are you looking for a quote for your mobile app?

Read our article and find out which applications we can develop for you, how we organize our work plan and what our App Development service provides. If you are satisfied you can request a quote by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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What app we can make for you

Our developer’s design applications with different languages, according to customer needs, and they take care of the creation of native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

The choice of the type of mobile applications and the language used for programming is made on the basis of the requests that the customer submits to us and the type of requirement that this must satisfy.

If you are still not convinced of which app is best suited to your type of business, below we list the characteristics of each.

Native app

The native apps are all those applications developed using a specific programming language for each type of operating system (Objective-C / Swift for iOS, Java/Kotlin for Android, C# for Windows Phone, etc.).

Unlike hybrid appsnative apps are distinguished by their excellent performance but this advantage translates into an increase in the development cost. They offer numerous advantages, including being able to interact with most of the features of the device in which they are installed (address book, messages, notifications, geo-location, etc.) and being able to be published on the store.

Hybrid app

The app hybrid has a very similar design to that of the web app, or are written in programming languages such as HTML5CSS3 and JavaScript, and why their code can be easily adapted to any type of operating system (they are also multi-application calls -platform). Hybrid apps are suitable for those who want to implement an application in their strategy but do not have much budget to invest.

Web app

The web apps are applications that allow you to simulate the look of its own native app interfaces, which are a kind of shortcut to an application but is not physically installed on the device (Google Chrome or Safari) – Facebook’s app is a web app. The advantage of this type of application is that it does not take up space on the device and does not affect its data calculation capabilities.

As for operating systems for mobile devices, the two most important are iOS (Apple) and Android (Google); the former has the App Store as its distributor while the latter on Google Play. In ARKA Softwares we develop both types: Android app and iOS app.

The development stages of the app

In recent years we are witnessing a real gold rush in application development, but what are the fundamental steps of developing an app?

Let’s find them out together.

Market research

Before starting the actual development, we at Octal do market research on your competitors and intercept the features that distinguish you and on which to focus more.

Choice of platform

As we have seen, the two operating systems that dominate the market are iOS and Android and therefore the question arises: which of the two?

It all depends on your market strategy: Android is able to reach a larger audience, but iOS users are the ones most likely to buy. If, on the other hand, the application does not require any particular functionality, you can consider developing a multi-platform hybrid solution such as Ionic Pro or Xamarin.

Goal setting

This is the most critical phase of the entire life cycle of the project, in which the customer plays a crucial role. Through a series of meetings, our team ensures that you have a clear vision of your goals: together with you, you create the requirements and define the use cases for every need.

User experience

To offer the user a good user experience, it is not enough to develop attractive graphics. Precisely for this reason, it is important to rely on expert programmers, able to correctly combine a whole series of elements:

  1. Colors;
  2. Font;
  3. Content structure;
  4. Interface structure.

Furthermore, in this phase, thanks to the use of frameworks, we define the look and the interaction between the different functionalities.


Finally, we get to the heart of the matter … development!

But not without having prototyped.

Before starting to develop your application, in fact, we create prototypes that simulate the interaction between the various views. After this phase, our developers begin to create your application.

Testing phase

This phase is aimed at stabilizing your app. We make some final changes based on the feedback you provide us and make sure that the app is compatible with the different devices on the market. Also in this phase, we keep in mind the objectives set, so as not to risk intervening incorrectly on the changes to be made.


At this point, your project will be complete and our team will also be able to assist you in releasing the application for the various stores.


The analysis tools represent a fundamental element to test the behavior of users within your app. For this reason, in the design and development phase, we define what we want to track and what has the most value for your application.

At this point, you will think that your application is ready and our work is finished. We will surprise you by telling you that, in reality, it is not quite so. There are two other steps necessary for the survival of your application: maintenance and the promotion phase.

Let’s find out why they are important and how we at Arka take them into account in our quote for mobile apps.

The maintenance cost must be taken into account in the mobile app estimate

The maintenance of your platform provides for the management of the updates of the operating systems.

Because it could happen that due to a new update of the operating system, for example, some features are no longer available and therefore you need to review the application to ensure its correct functioning.

Maintenance should be done by the same team that carried out the project, so it is advisable that the items “server cost” and “technical maintenance” are also included in the estimate for your mobile app. We at ARKA Softwares, as regards this aspect, offer tickets at excellent prices.

Our quote to create a mobile application also includes the promotion phase

The app is an excellent touchpoint in the interaction between company and user, since it improves the relationship, completes the customer experience and, in general, gives support to all the objectives in the small, medium and long term. But this is only possible if users know it and find it in the store. In order for these two moments to occur, it is important to apply marketing strategies.

Developing an application and not promoting it is useless, as well as condemning it to non-existence online.

So let’s see what are the 4 strategies that we use in ARKA Softwares to promote your application after launch.

Exhibition and discovery

Considering only the optimization for the store is not enough to determine the success of your application. At this stage, it is necessary to increase brand awareness and bring users to know your app.

Like? We do this through organic and non-organic activities, such as sponsorship on social channels, SEO or paid ads.


The more your app receives positive feedback, the more users will be encouraged to download it. Precisely for this reason, we take care of the store card in its entirety, the reviews, and ratings, as well as the factors that can help the user in the decision-making phase (creation of captivating content, influencer marketing etc.).


Each application is born with a predefined goal, so it is very important to pay attention to the metrics and performance results to be able to identify the relative strengths or problems on which to intervene promptly.

Customer relationship

As far as this aspect is concerned, the mistake that is most easily committed is to focus on the customer acquisition phase, forgetting about the regular customers. In order not to neglect this important aspect, we activate push notifications, create content to be sent via e-mail, etc.

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Author Bio:

Rahul Mathur is the founder and Managing Director of Arka Softwares. He is a driven leader and technology enthusiast who takes pleasure in helping modern startups and enterprises to grow with the help of future-ready IT solutions such as, next-gen mobile appsweb and marketing solutionsIoTCloud solutions, etc. Arka Softwares also lets clients hire Python developersJava developers,.Net developers, and many more.

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