Move All Your Business to Cloud During Covid-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is having  an impact on our daily lives and the global economy in ways we have experience before. The business are walking on a tightrope; on one hand, they have to ensure the safety of their workforce, whereas,on the other they cannot afford to falter in telecommunications and compliance. The pandemic has brought about an unprecedented crisis in the companies. But, a good business leader is one who is able to navigate successfully during such adverse twists and turns.

We know there is a great responsibility on us, to provide critical communication platform to our client to make run their business well during this crisis. In the mean while, we give great satisfaction to our clients and customers them with their business communication systems. This helps them stay connected with their teams and partners and move ahead with their work.

  1. Cloud Phone System

In implementing working from home, one of the major challenges faced by the companies is that most of them rely on traditional PBX) like landlines which require installation of lots of hardware. if your workforce starts operating from home due to an unforeseen serious situation like COVID-19. In that case, how can your business move to work from home?

Well, there is an easy way around and that is cloud phone systems. Cloud-based business phone systems or Cloud PBX are built to support those looking for more flexible working conditions such as remote workers and provides direct connectivity for employees outside of their main locations. Cloud Phone Systems deliver business phone extensions to any employee, anywhere that acts as one seamless system. Your work, home, and mobile phone can all be accessed through one phone number, so you can always stay connected to the office, giving you ultimate portability. 

2.Work from Home Model

Switching your contact center solution to a work-from-home contact center solution on a temporary basis is easy. It’s something a team lead can organize while sitting at his/her own house. Instead of the calls landing in the call center, the call gets routed to the agent’s desktop or mobile. As far as the customer is concerned, he or she will not even know that the agent is working from home

3. Cloud CRM

Interacting with the Customers

To optimize successful interactions with the prospective target audiences, we deploy CRM software to nurture relationships with the customers through a productive approach. These communication techniques are directing automated emails to potential customers through CRM based email management system. Additionally, the marketers can also request the buyers through calling and tactfully engage them with the website’s brands for better conversions.

The risk of missing out on important information – call data, notes, e-mail history, upcoming appointments and meetings – is increased. To mitigate this problem the right thing to do is to fully integrate a CRM system with all of these office systems in order to manage their Email tool and Daily Calendar.

Connecting CRM with websites

Most good CRM systems can be easily integrated with a site’s web forms. That means that any information completed by an online visitor can be automatically imported into the system and, combined with some workflows and automation, routed to the right person with reminders and alerts to follow up. At the very least, it ensures that data is getting into a database and not being lost in these disruptive weeks.

It is no wonder that ARIA has deliberately put all of its efforts, resources, and experience to fight against novel coronavirus by utilizing the most advanced technologies including cloud based CRM to process the internal workflows and respond to clients quicker and more efficiently. By taking all possible precautionary measures, we are serving our customers uninterruptedly and have made a strong and powerful customer support team to resolve clients issues remotely

4. Video Conferencing Platform

As COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations and companies to work from home, employees everywhere are turning to video conferencing collaboration software in order to get things done.

Our Video Conferencing Software is a tool that uses the web to connect a group of people via a live video and audio feed. It enables the parties to initiate and conduct live conferences and remote meetings by transmitting audio, video, and text. We have developed an indigenous secure video conferencing software for every business. It is cost effective, you can connect with unlimited people at lower price as compare to other applications like Zoom. It is secure platform i.e. your data will be protected.

Thus, in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, these solution can help you to not only reap its general benefits but also to empower your entire team work remotely, run your business operations smoothly, and ensure the safety of all.

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