Mr. Louie Lujan – A Very Dedicated & Hardworking Mayor of La Puente

No one is more closely associated with La Puente’s 21st-century renaissance in local government than Mr. Louie Lujan, elected as the youngest elected mayor of La Puente with the highest number of votes. From the beginning, he has always been an active member of the La Puente community and its development. Mayor Louie Lujan was an honest man and elected as the youngest mayor in California.

Who Is Louie Lujan?

Mr. Louie Lujan, full name Louie Alex Lujan is the senior lobbyist and directs the policies of the government relations department. He coordinates with the members of various local governments and serves his strong opinions on matters like planning, zoning, and land use. He has earned reputed experience in State & Local Government Relations and Legislation. Mayor Louie Lujan quickly gains popularity when he set a record for most votes ever received by any candidate in the 2005 La Puente Mayoral Election. The best thing is that the record is still on his name and that’s a big accomplishment for a Mayor.

Mayor Louie Lujan was La Puente’s youngest mayor in history when he was elected in 2001 at the age of 23 among six candidates vying for two seats in March 2001. Four years later, in 2005, he set another record for most votes ever obtained by a top vote getter in the City of La Puente’s history. This record still stands today. His dedicated contribution to the betterment of the community and quick rise in politics has given, the Louie Lujan in La Puente the reputation of being one of the San Gabriel Valley’s iconic stars.

Mr. Louie Lujan began his political career as a dedicated intern for Congressman Esteban Torres (Ret.). Before contest the election to the La Puente city council, he was a teacher of Government and Economics; and this is the reason he has raised interest as an educator which led him to become a successful advocate on the state and local level for educational reforms. His academic work focused on the betterment of educational reforms. With years of expertise on the local, state and federal level, he knows the inside out of how government works and that’s how he assists people to navigate through government agencies.

Time as the Youngest Person to Hold the Mayor’s office

At a young age of 21, Louie Lujan in La Puente was elected as the mayor in the city council elections. Through the rough turns and issues of his political career, he had to rise above issues like – Age discrimination, budgeting and fundraising. However, as a young and dynamic mind, he turned the tables to his favor. Close to his heart are issues like –

●    Affordable housing

●    Education

●    Ground water contamination

●    Healthcare

●    Utilization of technology for government office

Mr. Louie Lujan has already worked for designations like Committee member for National league of cities technology council. Also, he has been associated with La Puente redevelopment board, youth coalition, educational advisory board and technology advisory council.

Other notable contribution to La Puente

A modern park declaring to provide citizens a spot to experience the outdoors while discovering on the environment was inaugurated by Mayor Louie Lujan and the City Council during the City of La Puente in 2007. This City Council elected unanimously to approach programs for organization schemes including able services regarding the Puente Creek Nature learning area. Executives announced the center will be the town’s chief fashionable park considering it included 50 years before.

Mayor Louie Lujan in La Puente announced allowing citizens with educational opportunities plus acquiring much-needed green space was relevant to the council while continuing to act on the Youth Learning and Activity Center, constructed at La Puente Park.

Detailed Background

He was born in 1976 in Montebello, CA. He is one of the three children of Alex and Rachel. He is graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a B.A. in Political Science and holds a master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA). He also has a degree of master’s in secondary education (M.ED) from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

Mr. Louie Lujan in La Puente has already been a respected member of the National League of City technology council. Also, he has been associated with La Puente’s redevelopment board, youth coalition, educational advisory board, and technology advisory council. Whether it is his thinking, duties, and responsibilities for the nation, he has also been a true role model for the youngsters.

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