Need of Amazon Alexa Skills For Enterprise Solutions

Alexa allows people to interact with the technology using voice commands, so we now can speak with a device by asking questions in a way that feels natural. Nevertheless, people have started taking Alexa’s assistance to take care of the heaps of tedious rational tasks. In actuality, Alexa helps people stay organized and focused on the tasks that matter only using their voice. Now you can manage your calendar, notify the IT department about the issues, or switch off your home AC from the office.

Why Your Business Needs Alexa Skills?

Till May 2019, Amazon sold more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. Alexa skills marketplace has achieved incredible growth, thereby creasing the total Alexa Skills from 1000 to 15000 in just one year. Business analysts taking notice of this trend have predicted that Alexa is set to become a $10 billion industry by the end of 2020. Even Gartner estimates the importance of voice assistants. It predicts-30% of human interaction with machines will take place by voice commands. Indeed, voice interaction will be the next paradigm shift in technology that will define the interaction between humans and machines.

Leaping ahead, Alexa has made it API open for developers to build Alexa Skills, which will be third-party apps developed by taking advantage of Alexa’s incredible potential. For businesses, it’s a “Now or never” situation. Remember, early adoption gives way to innovation, offering enough opportunities to seize the larger share of the market and define what the future of voice looks like.

Here are a few ways how Alexa Skills are benefiting businesses,

  • Alexa lends a helping hand at your workstation:

With Alexa, it becomes easier for an employee to focus on essential tasks and increase his/her productivity. Custom Alexa skills empower employees to keep track of his/her calendar, to-do-list, and to set reminders. Employees can directly dial into their conference calls and make phone calls with voice commands. Employees can find all the business-related information like sales data, warehouse, or inventory status with preset voice commands.

  • Alexa, Voice-Enables Your Products and Services:

Have you ever thought of offering a rich, interactive, and personalized voice experience to your customers? Alexa makes it happen by voice enabling your products and services. Few popular restaurants in the USA are using Alexa to make their guests feel comfortable by allowing voice-enabled devices to play their favorite music and assist them in ordering room service. Alexa Skills developed around your products/services. An elegant Alexa Skillset to convey useful information about your product/service and provide support whenever your users run into problems is a unique way of marketing your products or services to the masses. Building customized Alexa Skills for your products/services is like redefining customer interaction.

Alexa Skills Your Business Must Have:

1. Track Events, Task Lists, To-do List:

Alexa is fairly clever about the to-do list commands. You can be far more precise to create skills that suit your business. For instance, when you say, “Add” an item to a list, (Example: “Alexa add 4:00 o clock appointment with Mr. XYZ to my calendar”) Alexa immediately understands your speech request, converts it to a to-do or as a scheduled event for the day, and sends you a notification about the added event in your list.

2. Track and Manage Travel Itineraries:

This Alexa skill is very much important for businesses and their employees who are either frequent fliers or need to travel a lot for their business. Opposed to the common swipe of an app, Alexa skills let users interact in their natural language to plan and book a travel or to access critical travel alerts like flight delays, gate changes, and reservation cancellations. Customizing the skill further and integrating weather updates, seat maps, and driving directions to move from one point to another is the best option to enhance Alexa skill for managing and tracking the travel itineraries. Although, you can book a cab using Alexa Skill developed by different cab service providers, adding a skill to rent a car at new locations helps in effort reduction and time-saving.


Statistics say more than 50% of millennials prefer using voice commands to interact with their smart devices. Nonetheless, people representing Generation Z (post-millennial generation) organically utilize voice as their primary form of interaction for any machine. Today’s workplaces are already accommodating millennials, and sometimes, Generation Z is expected to join them, necessitating the importance of Voice commands in a productive business environment.

As Alexa Skills are new to the market and yet not much has been done in this vertical, businesses still have a good deal of space to experiment with the Alexa interface and provide users with the best interaction experience. Start by augmenting existing web apps and mobile apps with voice-enabled digital services leveraging Amazon Alexa Voice Interface.

We, at Sphinx, particularize in building Amazon Alexa Skills for almost all industry verticals with our expertise in mobile application development and voice search-based solutions and devices.

Let’s create user interactions that feel natural, add value, and work precisely in the same way you imagined. Our experienced team of Alexa Skill Developers will help you host your skills in the cloud, submit it for certification, and publish it on the Alexa Skill Store.

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