New Holland tractor has the Bundle of Features

New Holland tractor is the most famous tractor in India. New Holland is the global brand of agriculture tractors. It can build its tractor according to the farmer’s requirement and need. New Holland is an international brand of tractors and other agriculture machines. It is always kept in their mind farmer’s demands. New Holland is an innovative brand, it comes with innovative products or innovative ideas. The company has a great manufacturing plant in Greater Noida and is the most advanced tractor plant in India. Its annual production capacity is 60,000 tractors. It has won many awards for quality and excellence. Greater Noida plant exports tractors to many countries like South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and North America. 

Why Farmer Loves New Holland? 

Abe Zimmerman founded New Holland in 1895. At the starting of their company, it built farming machines. It brought its first tractor in 1998 in India, which is a 70 HP tractor. In 1999 the company changed its name to CNH industrial. In 2009, it was presented as the world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor, the NH2. 

Why New Holland is favorite of every farmer

New Holland always works for farmer’s needs and demands. It is a reliable and durable tractor. New Holland is given economic mileage in the field, which can increase the productivity of the farmers. New Holland has heavy lifting capacity, which can easily pull and push the implements that help farmers improve their production. It has a robust engine capacity that generates high engine rated RPM. New Holland is available in various ranges at affordable prices. New Holland ranges from 35HP to 90HP at a reasonable price.     

Is New Holland tractor is Affordable 

New Holland manufactures its products according to the farmer’s demand, and the farmer’s most significant desire is the affordable price. The New Holland price is affordable and fits the farmer’s budget. It has a bundle of advanced features, a high transmission system, a heavy hydraulic system, and many more. New Holland comes in various models, 2wd, 4wd, mini tractor, and AC cabin tractor, all models are available at a reasonable price.

Top characteristics of New Holland Tractor

Characteristics are the defined power of any tractor and show the qualities of the tractor. Below we explain the best characteristics of New Holland tractor:- 

Advanced Technology

New technologies are upgraded day by day and how will New Holland lag behind. It launches its tractors with the latest advanced technologies. It always tries to make farmer’s lives easy, it can work on innovative things. SKY WATCH is the biggest example of this, and this idea will help farmers track and trace their tractors at sitting home. This feature will help you save your car from being stolen. New Holland tractor has advanced technology in their tractors.   

Easy handling

New Holland tractor has a manual that can help customers to ride the tractor. It has smooth functioning that helps farmers handle the tractors. New Holland has a simple process to handle, the working of the tractor is easy.


Safety is the essential factor of the tractor, and New Holland works for the safety of farmers. It can check the safety equipment of the tractor and parts of the tractor. Checks parts of the tractor, tyres, bolts body, equipment, etc.  

Endorsement of customers

New Holland supports the customers with their toll-free number, which is active 24/7 for their customers. By this number, customers can connect to the farmers and ask tractor related questions to the company. 


New Holland offers accessories demanded by farmers like Tools, Bumper, Top Link, Ballast Weight, Canopy, Drawbar, and Hitch.


New holland tractors enhance performance on the field. Their all tractors come with innovative features that give hong hours on the ground, and also, its tractors offer powerful engines that boost the performance of the tractor on the field. New Holland has all the qualities that every farmer needs in their dream tractor. 


New Holland tractors are useful as they come with a powerful engine capacity that generates superb engine rated RPM. That increases the fuel efficiency of the tractor. Farmers can easily save a lot of money with a New Holland tractor.

New Holland is the first tractor that can receive ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality. It can efficiently work on rough terrain and wet or dry fields.

New Holland is a well-known name in the tractor industry. It added 4,00,000 satisfied tractors in their  family and provided a superior range of tractors. New Holland is an international brand, it can establish itself in India quickly. Now it is a top brand in India and perfect for any farmer.

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