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NSPL Research & Training Centre (RTC) provides professional IT Training Programs in diverse IT fields. NSPL RTC has ISO 9001:2015 global certification which is recognized in 162 countries. Hold the experience of amazingly renowned corporate experts as faculty at NSPL RTC to gain the skills and competitive edge to pursue a career in IT field.

NSPL RTC provides international student support for overseas students to meet the challenges of moving to a country. NSPL has exclusive training module for Entrepreneurship Development to promote entrepreneurial abilities of the students.


Authentic learning weaved with industry oriented curriculum driven by collaborative sharing and Global certification recognized in 165 countries gives you a global perspective to stay ahead. Grip the experience of extremely renowned corporate professionals as faculty at NSPL RTC who are passionate to inculcate deeper knowledge to students through applied case studies. NSPL RTC support its vision by placing emphasis on research & innovation supported by a culture of creativity and collaboration amongst its faculty members, staff and students.

NSPL Research & Training Centre (RTC) is a venture of NSPL IT Company that provides highly qualitative, timely distributed IT services to a large diversity of worldwide clients. Applied case studies methodology in learning acts as a link between theory and practice and thus, makes students better equipped to deal with situations in the professional world. Placement Preparation Process at NSPL RTC provide guidance to the students about placement criteria through interview questionnaires, CV preparation, mockup interviews and others.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. More than 70% of employers do online screening to recruit. NSPL RTC’s Collaborative Sharing program makes your profile stand out from the crowd. NSPL RTC student services department aims to offer a number of support services to them throughout their time at NSPL RTC & meet the challenges of moving to a country.

Creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge make you great. That makes NSPL RTC to include Osborne-Parnes creativity model in learning. As every student have unique perspective and special strengths. These student spotlights highlight a small handful of our wonderful students and their experiences at NSPL RTC.

Getting the most out of life is not about how much you keep yourself , but how much you pour into others is the heart of mentoring. If your mentors only tell you that you are awesome, it’s time to find other mentors. NSPL RTC believes in incessant research through usage of multiple streams of data to find information and number of shared research facilities to aware people from IT.

NSPL RTC focuses and promotes the culture of creating jobs. To promote entrepreneurial skills of the students, NSPL has exclusive training module for Entrepreneurship Development. The value of training is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. The objective of NSPL RTC is to develop critical thinking in students by cultivating intellectual curiosity. NSPL RTC provides the guidance to the students about serving community in various ways such as impart education, donate used books and clothes, project development and others.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. NSPL RTC community service program encourage students to make a change by giving back to community.

  • Learn From Top Notch Professionals
    Most of the people in dilemma about the difference between top notch professionals and experienced trainers. Top Trainers is not means to notch professionals. Notch professionals are those who have experienced of corporate world. Top notch professionals have deep knowledge of trends, techniques of the computer world.
    • Top notch professionals are who are keen to do part time jobs.
    • Moreover they have passion to inculcate new skills to students.
  • Applied Learning with Case Methodology
    In the present technical era, there are myriad of learning sources available. One of the eye catching factors of NSPL RTC is providing opportunity to work on real life case studies which is very lucrative for the colorful future .In NSPL RTC, performance appraisal is given to each and every student so that he/she get knowledge about weak and strong points of him/her. This will boost up students confidence.
    Live case studies means actual client projects so students get chance to work on these projects. There are several benefits of doing work on live case studies :
    • Live case studies means actual client project.
    • Client Interaction : Students get chance to interact with the clients and also able to learn how to get client requirements.
    • Change Management : During working on live case studies, timely meetings with managements are taken place to meet the customer’s requirements.

  • As an IT company , so we know IT better
    • Curriculum is not book based rather it is Industry-Oriented Curriculum.
    • Team work
    • Global exposure- Project made by this organization is running in 12 countries

Applied Ethics Program

In this fast paced world, everyone is running in the rat race to earn more money with blink of an eye. The institutes, colleges, schools are focus on their curriculum to get name and fame in this world. On other side, joint families take backseat and both men and women become workaholics. As a consequence the children become isolated from their families which drastically affect the ethics. Socialism is the mandatory to live on this beautiful blue planet.

Mentoring and advising

Most of the students do not choose their educational path on the behalf of their own capability and interest, because they have pressure of family, friends and many more. We are living in technical epoch and there are countless technologies .But this does not mean that everyone can become perfect in every field.

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