Paraben Corporation Offers Advanced DFIR Training & Certifications

This is the age of digitization where the majority of work is carried out with the aid of sophisticated gadgets. In this regard, for a student or a professional undergoing a proper course is too important. Paraben Corporation is the ideal source providing the advanced DFIR Training & Certifications to more advanced stages. 

The management of the company has specially designed the courses with tune in to lectures, labs and testing. All the students with keen interest to understand the field of digital forensics will have a special student option. 

The options are as follows: – 

  1. Student Packet & Certification Course – 

The Paraben’s higher education student program permits for discounted licensing, training and certification. Vets are also available for this special program. In detail this program encompasses – 

  • 6 Month License of E-3 Universal.
  • 2 Online Operator Certifications. 
  • Full Access to Paraben Support Team. 

The Restrictions in this area – 

You will require completing the form using your EDU email address. Please put a note if you are keen to possess the license done under the varied email address. The special EDU email address is needed to enroll. To know in-depth about the course do check the official website of the company.

  • Mobile Operator Course & Certification –

The acquiring of the knowledge from this course, will definitely give you upliftment in working on the E3 Forensic platform with the genuine mobile related proof.

The course details of this course are –

  • This is an online course.
  • Time duration of the course is for 8 hours.
  • It encompasses lectures and lab time.
  • The DSMO certification is also present.

Course Outline of DSMO course is –

Introduction: –

  • Special items to think in this online system.
  • The Course overviews.
  • E3: DS Overview.

Installation: –

  • Complete Installation overview.
  • Machine requirements.
  • Installation.
  • Windows Patches & Hotfixes.
  • Driver & Bootloader Installation.

Licensing: –

  • Licensing Overview.
  • Licensing Options.
  • Internet License.
  • Direct Machine License.
  • Dongle.

E3 : DS interface:–

  • E3 : DS interface Overview.
  • Layout.
  • Tabs.
  • Menus.

Cases & Adding Evidence: –

  • Cases & Adding Evidence Overview.
  • Creating & Loading Cases.
  • Adding Evidence.

Acquiring phones: –

  • Acquisition overview.
  • Acquiring a Feature Phone Physically.
  • Feature Phone Full Logical Acquisition.
  • Feature phone Custom Logical Acquisition.
  • iOS Logical Acquisition.
  • iOS Physical Acquisition.
  • Android Logical Acquisition.
  • Android Physical Acquisition.

This also includes – Importing Backups, Reviewing the Data, Cloud Data, Searching, Bookmarking and Reporting, Additional Features, Taking The DSMO.  

  • Computer Operator Course & Certification:-

This special Computer operator is specially designed, to enable you to get started, making use of the E3 Forensic platform with the computer-related evidence. 

The details of this special course are – 

  • It is an online course. 
  • The time duration of this is for 8 hours. 
  • It includes lecture and proper lab time. 
  • You will also receive P2CO certification. 

Overall the outline of the course is:– 

Introduction – 

  • Getting Started. 
  • You will receive an overview of the course. 
  • Machine RequirementsThe installation of E 3 Software. 

Licensing – 

  • E 3 Licensing Overview. 
  • E 3 internet Licensing.
  • E 3 Direct Machine Licensing
  • E 3 Dongle Licensing

E3 Interface – 

  • E 3 Interface Overview.
  • E 3 P2c Interface.
  • E3 P2C Interface – Tabs 
  • E 3 P2C Interface – Menus. 

Adding Evidence – 

  • Adding a Physical Drive.
  • Adding a Hard Drive Image.
  • Adding an Email Archive. 
  • Adding Internet Browser Data. 

Driver Triage – 

  • Triage Overview. 

Registry – 

  • Registry Overview.

Data Processing – 

  • Batch Exporting.
  • Content Analysis.
  • Email Processing & Deduplication. 

Forensics Containers – 

  • Forensics Container Overview.

Searching & Sorting Data – 

  • Sorting Data.
  • Sorted Search. 
  • Advanced Searching.

Bookmarks – 

  • Using Bookmarks. 

Reporting –

  • Generating reports.


  • Take the P2CO Exam. 

Paraben Corporation is the best platform from where the students or working professionals will gain impetus. All the professionals of this company are skilled in their field of expertise. Their specialist and up to date knowledge in varied areas like – Risk Assessment and Security is one of its kind. On acquiring complete knowledge, you will work efficiently on numerous data processing engines are well-known. 

The solutions a young student or a working professional acquires will provide additional capabilities. Hereafter you will create an indelible mark in the field of digital investigation. 

In this modern age, smartphone forensic is one of the relevant branches of electronic investigation. The number of advanced phone users keeps increasing daily. Seeing the never-ending rise of smartphone users, there is also a spurt of use in innovative technology. No one can deny the person dependency on intelligent phones that are used.

This is giving a lot of rising of using it in the legal setting also. A skilled iPhone & Android forensic expert suggests that your phone contains a –

  • A vast network of information about their user.
  • There is a collection of several actions that the user makes.
  • An email sent or received from the other person.
  • Sharing of pictures, contact or other vital information.

It will not be wrong to say that a cell phone is quite vital in a courtroom. It is because the abundance of information can become too valuable during a litigation time. The evidence compasses but certainly not just confined to –

  • Incoming and outgoing call.
  • Picture, Videos, audio recordings.
  • Emails, text messages.
  • Internet browsing history.
  • Cell phone location data.
  • Other series of deleted data.

The structured method is used for collecting and analyzing a smartphone –

Looking for a mobile forensics expert will make you aware that collection for forensic analysis can be divided into –

  • Seizure.
  • Acquisition.
  • Examination.

In Seizure, the methodical process is carried out for obtaining a mobile device, of course adhering to the legal protocols by the professional.   This step also includes making sure that the device is complete charged and “ON” for avoiding getting locked out of the user’s device.  

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