PCB Assembly Services and Printing Solution

This article discusses PCB assembly services and printing solutions. Let’s begin.

The electronics PCB market is growing as novel fabrication techniques turn out accessible at low prices. Direct digital printing is going trendy into the conventional photolithography as well as screen printing procedures which have been utilized to fabricate printed circuit boards for the last 2 decades. Here we would concentrate on the utilization of direct digital printing to personalize printed circuit boards only before their obtaining PCB assembly services. The objective is to print a special mark on every board which could be utilized to recognize the board. The mark should be permanent & would possibly comprise 1D or 2D machine legible codes together with alphanumeric characters. The marks should have more than 500 dots per inch or DPI resolution owing to size constraints over the printed circuit board. We would moreover concentrate on applications that need more than 1 million boards on an annual basis. At these volumes, automated material management begins to turn out extremely significant to the success of the system by and large.

Great volume printed circuit board manufacturers utilize screen printing with thermally treated ink to print the legends which wrap all sides of the board. During this time digital printing can’t print the entire side of a board at a cost that contends with screen printing. Although a lot of printers, comprising the PPS7000, can print all the nomenclature over the board, here we would concentrate over utilizing digital printing just to print the customizing marks.

Numerous customizing alternatives present comprising the given below: PCB Assembly Services

Preprinted Label

A lot of low volume items begin with labels printed over office equipment as well as hand-applied to every printed circuit board before or after obtaining PCB assembly services. Since the item volumes ramp the trustworthiness and price of hand applying labels turn out an issue. Automated systems that print & apply levels are accessible. Due to printed circuit board room limits, these systems should place labels extremely precisely, a huge issue for a lot of label applications systems. The labels are not permanent. At great volumes, the labels are costlier as compared to other marking procedures.


  • Low starting price
  • Great contrast mark


  • Temporary
  • Greater incremental price
  • Tough to change label size over the fly
  • Mechanical difficulty for automated application
  • Solvent determined continual inkjet digital printing

Continual inkjet technique has been modified to mark over numerous industrial items comprising printed circuit boards. With these systems, a continual stream of ink droplets is taken to the preferred location utilizing electromagnetic arenas. Solvent-based ins fabricate permanent marks over porous surfaces. The marks are less permanent over non-porous surfaces in which smearing might be an issue for the small-time as it consumes time to dry.


  • Viable incremental expenditure
  • Great contrast mark
  • A lot of colors accessible


  • Tough ink viscosity procedure could be tough to control
  • Great resolution (Bigger than 350 DPI) Tough to get
  • Solvents might be on the loose into the atmosphere, a lot of firms attempting to lessen solvent problems
  • Mark not resistant to a few cleaning solvents

Laser ablated ink patches

A lot of industries utilize lasers to etch marks onto a range of parts. Lasers have been utilized to etch marks into printed circuit boards with constricted success owing to the lack of contrast of the resultant mark. A fresher technique is to have the circuit boards printed with ink patches, the ink patch is then precisely taken off by the laser making the mark to be printed. PPSI possesses the ability to make a laser marking system.


  • Viable incremental price
  • Great contrast mark in case the ink patch is utilized
  • Great, very trustworthy marks accessible with laser Galvo head


  • Great starting expenditure
  • Needs preprinted ink patch
  • Even at low power laser heat might harm (by fracture) traces, making intermittent trustworthy issues

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