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What is PHP and PHP Solutions?

PHP is a scripting language expected for the improvement of dynamic web content and is performed on the server-side. In light of its grammar, it acquired from programming language C and because of its straightforwardness, PHP has increased extraordinary notoriety. As time passed, the language extended and acquired the open door for object-arranged programming. It has the chance of procedural programming, however, it additionally permits the utilization of classes and different ideas of item arranged programming.

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Show popup at Bootstrap Jquery

Sometimes we want to show login signup or welcome popup at once to per user.  We can show popup at once to the user by using JQuery .

We can show popup at once with jQuery using two methods

 1. localStorage- localStorage is relatively new concept that stores data with no expiration date on client side.

 2. Cookies – Cookies also stores data on client side but the main difference between localStorage and Cookies is that Cookies can manipulated from the server side.

For our example we are using Bootstrap Modal Popup .to use Bootstrap Modal Popup you should call bootstrap JS and CSS class.  ( practical )

EXPO not showing changes on reload and code changes

We all know that expo is a powerful tool for react native app development, and we can easily develop apps by using expo but sometimes EXPO stops working properly and stop showing realtime changes in real device or emulator.

So today we will see how to solve expo files updating issue so if expo is not working and not showing realtime updates and code changes in the device, then we need to follow below steps:

Solution 1

Open your terminal and press Ctrl+R to refresh app and then check it will work, if it will not work then please try solution 2 that also worked for me.

Solution 2

Here I am telling solution for android device but steps will be similar for IOS devices also.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Expo

Then click on Clear Cache button

Then click on Clear Data button

Now again open expo app and scan QR code to run react native app.

Now this time your app will show changes. 🙂

Datepicker Features :

1.autoclose -> Close datepicker after date select

2. beforeShowDay =>   use this function to enable or disable specific day by returning true or false.

3. beforeShowMonth ->

4. beforeShowYear ->

5. beforeShowDecade ->

6. beforeShowCentury ->

7. calendarWeeks ->

8. clearBtn -> displays a “Clear” button at the bottom of the datepicker

9. container -> Appends the date picker popup to a specific element; eg: container: ‘#picker-container’

10. datesDisabled  ->  Disable the Array of date strings or a single date string.

11. daysOfWeekDisabled -> Days of the week that should be disabled.

12. daysOfWeekHighlighted -> Days of the week that should be highlighte

13. defaultViewDate -> Date to view when initially opening the calendar

14. disableTouchKeyboard -> If true, no keyboard will show on mobile devices

15. enableOnReadonly -> (TRUE OR FALSE) and if boolean value is true then the datepicker will not show on a readonly datepicker field.

16. endDate -> Set Max date

17. forceParse ->

18. assumeNearbyYear ->

19. format -> Set The date format

20. immediateUpdates ->

21. inputs ->

22. keepEmptyValues -> Only effective in a range picker

23. keyboardNavigation -> not allow date navigation by arrow keys

24. language -> The IETF code (eg “en” for English, “pt-BR” for Brazilian Portuguese) of the language to use for month and day names.

25. maxViewMode -> Set a max limit for the view mode.

26. minViewMode -> Set a minimum limit for the view mode.

27. multidate -> Enable multidate picking.

28. multidateSeparator -> Separate the multidates

29. orientation ->  Set the location of the picker popup’s

30. showOnFocus -> the datepicker show on focus

31. startDate   -> Set minDate of datepicker

32. startView  ->  Useful for date-of-birth datepickers.

33. templates -> Set template or use styles in datepicker

34. title -> Set the Title of datepicker

35. todayBtn -> displays a “Today” button at the bottom of the datepicker to select the current date

36. todayHighlight -> highlights the current date

37. toggleActive -> selecting the currently active date in the datepicker will unset the respective date.

38. weekStart -> Day of the week start.

39. zIndexOffset  -> Set z-index css of bootstrap datepicker

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