Pillars of Teamwork: The 2 Most Important Factors

Mighty and scarce — teamwork is a crucial thing to make any business successful. From solving different problems and supporting colleagues to bringing new ideas to building morale and growing the company — teamwork is an imperative thing that any team must have.

If you can make each of your employees move in the same direction, you can make anything happen. You can dominate any market.

Everyone knows the importance of teamwork but very few can take advantage.

Teams are made of humans. Humans are imperfect and vulnerable to mistakes. Building teamwork at your workplace is simple and uncomplicated. At the same time, it is difficult. Employing teamwork can help your company grow by removing many obstacles including political dysfunctionality.

Whether you are a CEO or a senior executive — learning teamwork and then implementing it at your workplace is extremely important for your company’s success. So, let’s discuss the two crucial pillars of teamwork that every team must have:


Trust is the fundamental pillar of teamwork. If your team members don’t trust each other, they will struggle to finish tasks that require mutual understanding.

In great teams, members are not scared of admitting their mistakes and weaknesses. They don’t feel the fear of retaliation. If you have a trust issue in your team — your employees, whether they are the board of members or junior level employees, will avoid debating in team meetings. If someone is moving in the same direction, working on the same vision, but still there is a lack of debate among your team members then it indicates that your team has an absence of trust. Every healthy and great team has a significant level of debate.

As a leader, it is your duty to ensure that your workers trust each other without any hesitation. But, how can you do it? The lack of trust arises from the need of invulnerability. If your employees are too insecure about their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, they will never establish trust between each other. Trust happens when your team members are aware of the weaknesses and strengths of other members.

To make your team feel less vulnerable. You can carry out a few exercises. You can ask each member of your team to write their weaknesses and strengths on a paper. Or, tell them to write about their school, hobbies as a child, and favourite sports. This way your team members will discover interesting facts about each other and build trust and empathy among themselves.

So, if you want your team members to develop trust between each other, have healthy debates.

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Inattention To Results

In teamwork, there is no space for individual or ego-driven subjects. When an individual achieves something but the results are not in the favour of the team, then the worker must feel demotivated. If your team members look for individual recognition at the expense of results, you are destined to be mediocre.  

Take it as a sport, athletes who know the importance of the team, work as a team. No matter how amazing they perform, if the team loses, they are disappointed because the team lost. The ego of every individual in the team must be tied to the collective result of the team.

The team which knows the importance of inattention to results perform exceptionally well against their competitors. As a leader, you can set a few results that can indicate a score of teams as in sport. For instance:

  • Revenue
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Expenses
  • Product quality
  • Market awareness
  • Employee retention

It is better to track the results every month to have a better idea of the problem. If a department is performing remarkably but still the company is not doing well as a whole, then every department should feel the pain regardless of their own performance. Because, if the company is failing then all the departments are failing.

If you want to have exceptional teamwork, every person in your team must adopt a set of common goals and measurements.


Trust and attention to results are two pillars of teamwork. Many companies overlook the importance of teamwork and stay mediocre or even fail. You can have the best resources, best investors, best professionals but if you don’t have effective teamwork, your businesses will collapse slowly. If you want to succeed in the market, start by building teamwork among your members. You can hire an advisory consulting firm like ecap.ae to help your employees build teamwork.

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