Pillow Boxes and Other Packaging Options for Retail Items

Retail industry is huge as we see supermarkets and departmental stores full of edibles and grocery products. We can easily imagine the number of manufacturers and products they are producing for the retail market. All the products are packed in flexible or cardboard packaging at the retail and therefore manufacturers have number of options to choose their packaging for product. They use boxes, bags and flexible poly packaging according to the type of product they are selling. Talking about cardboard boxes, they have number of styles, shapes and designs that are used for packaging. These styles of boxes include Pillow Boxes, sleeve boxes, gable boxes and many other stylish box designs. If we see in detail, following are the popular box design used for retail product packaging.

Seal end boxes

Seal end boxes are one of the widely used cardboard box designs which is popular for cereals packaging, rice, sugar and porridge packaging. Apart from these products, seal end boxes are also used for frozen food as it prevents the moisture from entering the box and have the ability to bear lower temperature in the cold storages. These seal end boxes are sealed from both ends and have a rectangular design that occupy little space on the retail display. When these boxes are printed, they can promote the brand in the supermarkets and grocery stores.

Cardboard Display boxes

To showcase your product at the supermarkets with more appeal, you have to use exciting designs of display boxes. They have different types including counter top styles and floor displays which make the product prominent in the market by displaying them efficiently. Cardboard displays with peg hook are also common in which manufacturers can hang their small products like batteries, jewelry and key rings for sale. They have inserts and punch partitions that hold the products tightly and prevent them from colliding.

Window boxes

Mostly used for baked and retail food items, window boxes builds craving for the food lovers to see and get attracted to the food items. Other than food items, window boxes can also be used for toys packaging as well as electronics items. There are number of products in supermarket which are packed inside die cut window boxes with the purpose of getting customers attention on the stores.

Cube boxes

Cube shaped boxes are very popular for numerous products, apart from mug packaging they are used for the products including decorative items, cosmetics and cameras. Cube shape of the boxes can accommodate single items like bath bomb and cream container and present them in an elegant way. Furthermore, large cube boxes can also be used for shipping retail items having a big size. Plenty of other items can be packed and store inside cube boxes to get better reception from the customers.

Sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are a popular choice when it comes to the packaging of match sticks. The tray and sleeve style of the box look unique and attractive and can be used for the products like candles, donuts, chocolate bars and other decoration items as well. They can be made from cardboard or from rigid material and are popular choice for cosmetic products as well. For stylish presentation, sleeve boxes are printed with logo, stylish add-ons and with eye-catching designs that uplift the value of the product in the retail stores.

Tuck end boxes

Straight tuck end and reverse tuck end boxes are used for the packaging of retail products like coffee, tea, candles and soaps. The common design of tuck end boxes make them secure, easy to customize and best for branding & marketing. Tuck end boxes are also used to pack stationary products and you would see pencils, pens, stamp pads and other stationary items packed inside cardboard boxes with tuck ends on both sides for opening and closing.

Flip top boxes

Common cigarette boxes are made of flip top design that can be opened from the top only. The flip top design look great and are hard enough to prevent the fragile cigarette from breakage. Flip top boxes are also used for pre rolls and blunt packaging also because of their special design. All the tobacco companies make use of flip top boxes for packaging of medicinal and tobacco cigarettes.

Auto Lock boxes

Auto lock boxes have tuck end opening from the top and have a auto lock base that closes automatically when the product is placed inside. This unique feature of the boxes makes them the first choice for electronics and automotive industry. They are capable of packaging slightly heavy products and can be made in large and small sizes. Die cut window can also be added on these boxes to achieve maximum benefit from them.

Folding cartons

The cardboard boxes are made fordable using special die cutting process which makes the boxes called folding cartons. The paper which is used for making folding cartons have special cardboard thickness which is consumer friendly and can be used for a range of retail items. You can make Soap Boxes for soap bars and liquid soap jars using folding cartons. Plus they can be printed with vibrant colors, printing designs and multiple finishing add-ons.

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