Popular Beaches of Myanmar That Should Not Miss

As you know that the country of Myanmar formerly known as Burma that is flown under the radar as a tourist place, winding in only those with really adventurous spirits and rather relaxed attitude to irritated the borders into its moderately amazing land of great monuments, two thousand kilometers of shoreline, rolling mountain landscapes, and amazingly jaw-dropping sunsets.

While even only a few years ago, booking a room would have been a hard activity to do last minute because of the limited number of choices, nowadays, everything is simply done online, and with the consistently expanding number of resorts and hotels bursting up everywhere throughout the nation to lodge for the spike in international guests, there will never be been the best time to make Myanmar your summer steamy retreat.

Here, two of the most sightsee cities in Myanmar are Mandalay which offers to see the amazing structural pagodas and temples, and another one is Yangon that offers to see the amazing architecture, a lot of colorful markets, and wonderful nightlife. And don’t be forget to sightsee the magical Bagan and the beautiful Inle Lake with Myanmar tour packages.

Few Things to Know Before Your Trip

Here, we cover the best five beaches in this country that gives you the mesmerizing experience when you explore Myanmar. Before we start our trip, then first things you must be noted before you begin packing that skimpy bikini. Yes, here is given reasons why you should not pack the bikini, see,

  1. The local peoples of this country are quite old-fashioned with their clothing, even also at the beach. Here, you will also even see them swimming in denim – that gives the idea to know about them that how they are so conservative. While foreigners are given some space, may we recommend not sunbaking in a dense traveler territory in a bikini, rather, choose some beach clothing with more inclusion?
  2. The best and only season, to enjoy the beaches in Myanmar is from late November until April. If you sightsee the beach any other times after ending that season then you will see the emptiness, and closed resorts. The month of April is also when their main Water Festival is organized.

After these some wonderful tips, let’s now discover our collection of the best beaches in Myanmar, such as

1. Ngapali Beach

As a lot of people have awareness about Myanmar, Ngapali is potentially the best beach in the country at this moment. It resembles you’re walking into a postcard when you step foot onto the seven-kilometer white sand beach. The palm trees that line the edge of the beach combined with the gem blue shade of the water will make them envision a ukulele-playing as you shake your toes and take in the excellence before you.

Why Tourists Love It: The part of beachfront is simply divine, as you feel like you wake up in heaven each morning. It is the best beach in the whole area. Many of having the dream of having breakfast right next to the beach. A lot of tourists congratulate the delicious food that is served onsite restaurant.

2. Ngwe Saung

This beach also looks like Ngapali beach, but it is a smaller tourist scale. Although, it is not lesser in beauty, the freshest seafood choices, and breath-taking sunsets, you will ever visit across.

While Ngapali will blow anybody’s mind, in Ngwe Saung, you’ll feel less stressed to slow down again immediately. Or maybe, you’ll feel quite being amazed by the perfect clean beaches and peacefulness of the area.

Why Guests Love It: “Delicious breakfast of best hotel ever” how can you be able to oppose that statement? Along with this, the staff is amazing, the rooms, the pool, and the atmosphere are kept clean and well-managed at all times. And the plus point is to here the dive center right on the private beach.

3. Chaung Tha

This beautiful beach attracts plenty of tourists who love the plan of being in a bright, loud, amazing sandy playground near the ocean, without feeling the requirement of white sand, peace, and clear waters.

It is a very fabulous destination for local families to relax on the weekends, because of its accommodation part across from the beach is reduced not only with resorts but also a lot of hotels and middle-low class tourist houses for those who choose the cheap retreat.

Why Guests Love It: The money that you pay versus the worth that you get astonished numerous visitors – this spot is a finished value for your money. The staff are mindful here and kept all regions and offices well-kept up consistently.

4. Kanthaya Beach

At Ngapali, book a cab, go for a drive along the coast towards Kanthaya Beach and simply enjoy the fantastic views. When you’re there, head to one of the guesthouses situated along the beach and essentially demand to board – we ensure that you’ll discover something on the day.

A lot of people head to Kanthaya because they’re after peace, seclusion, and quiet. This spot won’t have the murmuring of enormous groups, the boisterous gunning of speedboats, the shouts of conversation and laughter. Or maybe, your days will be spent strolling around, discovering the area by walking, soaking the sun, setting aside some effort to genuinely relax and disengage from the world for some time. It’s a unique thing today, to have the option to go over such an independent spot, that will invite tourists enthusiastically.

5. Grandfather Beach

We don’t know why this beach is popular as Grandfather Beach, however, it has an unlimited beauty that truly hasn’t hit the maps starting at yet. We unquestionably need to refer to that it’s a remarkable picture taker’s paradise here during dusk and dawn, and it’s normal to see the individuals who do wander out this far, to convey along stout cameras to catch the genuine magnificence of the beach for what it is.

Why Guests Love It: Beautiful beach, beautiful bungalows, and beautiful experience. It is a fantastic place if you are looking to relax. Genuinely a true and unforgettable experience in case you’re looking to visit the internet for some time.

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