Popular Patterns For Parquet Floors and its advantages

parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is a decorative mosaic of interlocking wood planks used for ornamental effect in floors. The word comes from the Latin word “para,” meaning “foot.” Today, many homeowners are choosing parquet as an elegant floor covering choice, especially for their entryways and bedrooms.

There are two types of parquet flooring: wood and engineered. Both can be stained or varnished as desired; however, most experts recommend that one should leave varnish on wood flooring and leave the other unfinished. The reason is that there is more surface area for the varnish to adhere to when using the first type. For this reason, the longer the finish is allowed to dry on the wood surfaces, the more appealing it will be when it is time to apply the varnish.

All parquets are produced in Four basic designs:

Flatwoods, oriented strand board (or stripes), and cross-footed boards. Most are laid with one border board between seven and nine inches apart from adjacent strips. In traditional patterns, a third border board between two and five inches apart is laid perpendicular to the panels. A typical parquet flooring panel may have four sides: the left side flat, the middle cross-footed board, the right side-striped, and the center diagonal grain. These components are laid in traditional patterns based on pieces of wood cut at the factory and then turned and cut again at home for final production.

The manufacturing process eliminates the variable elements of wood flooring solution, such as knots and grain direction. This results in sturdier boards able to withstand years of wear and tear. The same manufacturers who create the patterns also create the patterns in standard sizes to fit the patterns of every room in the house. Even the largest rooms are solved with a single plan. The result is uniform parquet flooring throughout the home.

Mosaic parquet flooring

Because it is a solid, square board regardless of size, parquet flooring Dubai is an excellent design choice for walkways or kitchen islands. It works equally well as a countertop, too. Mosaic parquet flooring offers a clean, straight line and is also produced by the same manufacturers as wood pieces. One big advantage of mosaic parquet flooring is that it requires no flashing. The installation process takes just a few hours and is also a do-it-yourself project that most do-it-yourselfers can tackle.

Concrete slab –

like parquet flooring, concrete slab – is a great design choice for all rooms in the home. It is installed with predrilled holes for screws or nails. The installation process is more or less the same as with parquet flooring, although larger holes are drilled through the concrete as well to accommodate the hardware. This flooring solution is durable and quite tough, capable of handling even the toughest of outdoor conditions. Unlike wood flooring or mosaic flooring, concrete slabs require little maintenance and stay looking fresh for many years.

Maple –

although a hardwood maple is an ideal choice for parquet flooring because of the ease in which it is laid. Most installations are performed by professional carpenters who use stabilizers to keep the boards in place during heavy use. Maple is a beautiful, light-weight material that comes in a variety of natural colors. Maple mosaic is a popular option that uses small diamonds along the edge of each plank. The best natural maple pattern features dark brown spots mixed with lighter colored stripes.

Polishing –

no matter what your choice of parquet flooring, it will not last forever if you neglect its polishing. Polishing parquet blocks should be performed every six to twelve months to give your floor a smooth feel and to remove any dust or dirt particles. It is also important to clean your parquet flooring regularly to remove stains, dirt, and algae from its surface. Each polishing method will take slightly longer than others, depending on the type of stone used as well as the overall condition of the floor. Professional cleaning services should be sought at least once a year to maintain your floors.

The Many Advantages Of Parquet Flooring From Floor Experts

There are several advantages of parquet flooring that you may not know about. It is very easy to install, lasts a long time, and requires little maintenance. It is ideal for those homes that do not have an area that can accommodate another type of flooring such as ceramic tile. With this type of flooring, you will have a classy look in your home and won’t need to worry about it becoming outdated in a short period of time. This type of flooring also maintains its beauty for a long time, is easy to maintain and replace, and provides great resistance to scratches and other damage that may occur.

  • One of the most advantageous features of parquets is that it is resistant to sunlight, wears down quickly, and does not show dirt and dust like other types of flooring do. Parquet has that beautiful appearance of wood with the texture of stone or tile, and yet maintains your home’s warmth. Parquet is quite durable, easy to maintain, clean, and to refinish the damaged portion. The many benefits of parquetry flooring from Floor Experts are the quality Vinyl flooring that your home needs.
  • Although parquets are relatively low-maintenance compared to other types of flooring such as hardwood, they can be damaged by extreme temperatures, water leaks, and by heavy traffic. If this type of flooring is installed correctly, it can last for a lifetime without showing any signs of damage. The many advantages of parquet flooring from Floor Experts include the high-quality flooring that your home needs.