React Native App Development: Less Talked About Facts

Mark Zuckerberg once said that he’s found the way to bring Web Development Features to Mobile Platforms. It was then that the world of development encountered a technological revolution called ‘React Native App Development’. Startups and Entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe went on to welcome the trending Cross Platform App Platform.

But before we proceed and discuss some of the fun facts about React Native, let’s take a moment to learn what it is.

React Native: Not a Definition

Let’s not talk about a technical definition. React Native, as its name suggests, deals in the native components to build a Mobile App. To work on React Native, you got to first understand the know-hows of React. However, knowing React doesn’t guarantee a thorough knowledge of React Native. It is quite different and hence, as and when you decide to build a React Native App, do go for React Native Developers. Remember, React is not React Native.

Let’s get to discussing some of the fun facts (also unknown to many) about React Native App Development.

React Native Vs. Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin

All the four frameworks belong to Cross Platform App Development Methodologies. And the competition is always neck and neck. However, let us tell you that React Native stands way ahead of all the other three frameworks in terms of Mobile App Development. Let’s see how.

Ionic Vs. React Native

Below we have mentioned two most crucial factors where React Native holds a much stronger foothold compared to Ionic framework –

  • High Performance
  • Better Community Support

Flutter Vs. React Native

Let’s see how React Native manages to beat Flutter when it comes to development —

  • User Interface
  • Use of JavaScript
  • Mass Adoption
  • Configuration

Xamarin Vs. React Native

React Native stands ahead of Xamarin in more ways than you can imagine. Lets have a look –

  • Market Share
  • Better Development Environment
  • Better Testing Abilities

Companies using React Native

Do you know that some of the top brands are using React Native for their Mobile App Development? No wonder, if they are using it for their business, it is definitely worthy of your attention.


It is no doubt one of the most innovative businesses at present. Their creativity has time and again been gauged by the fact that they experiment with new technologies and development pattern. Recently they have introduced React Native along with NodeJS in their tool set.


It is no news that Facebook laid the foundation of React Native in the first place. Their aim was to bring ease into the development of Mobile Apps. It was a successful discovery on their part as React Native went on to become one of the most desirable frameworks of 2019.


Yes, we are talking about Instagram, the most fascinating App among youth, here because they too have welcomed React Native into their Native App Development. Instagram has integrated React Native into its existing functionality.


Bloomberg aims at providing interesting, interactive and personalized content that is built on React Native. The App is believed to make the most of React Native’s fast reloads and automated features.

Business Benefits of React Native App Development

1. Small Team Size

Who wouldn’t opt for a smaller team for their App Development if that, in no way, affects the development? Naturally, it calls for less cost and complexity. Well then, let us tell you that React Native gives you that. An average React Native Development team looks like the following —

1 Project Manager, 1 Tech Lead

1 React Native Developer, 1–2 UI/UX Designers, 1 QA Specialist

1 Business Analyst

2. Low App Development Cost

React Native App Development is the most trusted way to cut down the cost of Mobile App Development. It roots in the less complexity aspect of React Native Coding.

3. Scalability

That Trending Apps like Facebook utilizes React Native makes it even more scalable among Cross Platform App Developers. And, scalability is not concerned with just backend anymore. It is of equal importance when it comes to frontend development.

App Ideas best suited for React Native Development

The fact is you cannot use a specific framework, however much outstanding it is, for every type of App Development. Hence, let’s be a little practical here and check out what types are best suited for React Native App Development.

  • Simple UI Apps
  • Clickable Prototype
  • Apps with basic features
  • Apps with lightweight Native APIs

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