Rules You Should Follow While Carrying Perfume On Flight

Rules You Should Follow While Carrying Perfume On Flight
Rules You Should Follow While Carrying Perfume On Flight

Are you planning to take a trip abroad or any part of the country for a holiday for the first time? If yes, you must be worried about packing your luggage properly abiding by all the rules and regulations set by the airline. All these rules are for the safety of the plane as well as every person so there is no way around it. In case you are not aware of this, every airline has certain rules and regulations about carrying certain things such as liquids on the flight. To avoid being stopped at the security and losing your favorite perfumes, you should try to follow these regulations. Here are some of the ones to help you in picking the perfume properly and avoiding all the little mistakes travelers often make,

Follow The Quantity Rule:

You are not allowed to carry more than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters of liquids, creams or gels or sprays in your carry bag. You can carry a one-literal plastic bag and fill it up with products of not more than 100 ml unless it is medically necessary. If there is anything that is more than 100ml, you should keep it in another bag and place this in your checked-in luggage. If you will miss on this quantity rule, the security will simply take out the plastic bag out of your luggage and keep it with themselves or throw in the trash. Henceforth, it is better to stick to the rule than seeing your favorite perfumes for men and women going away in the trash.

Avoid Pressurised Cans:

Certain flights have strict rules against aerosols and pressurised cans so it is better to avoid these. Most of the deodorant sprays are more than 100ml so you will have to keep it in the check-in luggage. Before putting them in the luggage, try to find out from the airlines whether they allow it or not. If they do allow it, what kind of packaging should it have or how it should be packed in the luggage. It is better to follow the simple rules rather than getting into trouble later on. The security will simply open your bag and remove the contraband products from the luggage.

Keep Them In Clear Plastic Bag:

You can carry a clear plastic bag of about 1 liters in your carry on luggage. Fill this plastic bag with all the toiletries such as men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes that are 100ml or less. It has to be a clear plastic bag for the security to check. In case, you forget and use any other colour, you might end up with trouble. Apart from this, the volume of the plastic bag should also not be more than one litres. You can get these resealable clear plastic bags easily online as well as in stores. At the time of the checking, you will have to remove it from your hand luggage and place it separately so make sure it is sturdy and leakage-free.

Carry Miniature Toiletries And Perfumes:

To avoid all these hassles and to avoid worrying about putting all your toiletries in a single one-liter bag, you can opt for the miniature products. All the best perfumes for men and women are easily available in miniature size so you can carry them around. Similarly, there are small containers available online as well as offline in which you can fill up your required toiletries in case you are unable to find the smaller size ones. If you cannot find your favourite perfume in miniature size, go to the store and buy samples for the same. You can use them to smell good on your travel as well.

Get Them From Duty-Free Stores:

There is only one way to go around this strict rule of liquids on the flight and that is by purchasing from the duty-free shops on the airport itself. You can carry perfumes and toiletries of more than 100 ml in your carry on luggage is given it is sealed properly and purchased within 48 hours of your flight. Moreover, you should also have the receipt with you too. If the security personal asks for it, present the receipt. You can shop from these duty-free stores if you are planning to buy perfumes for your loved ones as gifts.

Always purchase perfumes from a trusted brand in small quantities if you are planning to take them on holiday on flight with you. These perfumes must be temper proof and leakage proof to avoid unnecessary situations on your holiday. Follow all these rules properly to avoid any situation. It is best to abide by the law than creating a scene at the security affecting other passengers too. Make sure to confirm the proper way of carrying perfumes and toiletries from your airlines as well.