Saregama Carvaan Earphones and Bluetooth Speakers

Indian music label and film production company Saregama is best known for its film-based music, including its huge repository of film classics through the decades. Not too way back, the company entered the hardware space with its Carvaan range of devices, which includes wireless speakers and audio players with a spread of features like pre-loaded music, Internet radio, and more. the newest product within the company’s fledgling hardware range is that the Saregama Carvaan GX01 wired earphones, priced at Rs. 1,599.

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  • Saregama has expanded its Carvaan lineup to incorporate earphones
  • The GX01 earphones are going to be available online and offline
  • Two color options are available – black and white

The Carvaan GX01 may be a standard pair of three .5mm earphones and may be used with any device that features a regular headphone jack – most smartphones, computers, and even Carvaan devices like the Saregama Carvaan Go. If you are looking toward earphones under 1000 then you can go through Best Earphones under 1000.
The headset features 14.2mm dynamic drivers, with what the corporate calls ‘signature Carvaan tuning’. this means that the earphones will sound best with the type of music you’ll typically find within the pre-loaded collection on Carvaan devices. Interestingly, the sales package shows a frequency response graph, which suggests that the sonic signature is bass-oriented with a small drop-off within the mids and highs.

The Saregama Carvaan GX01 earphones are available in two colors – black and white – and  even have a microphone and button which may be wont to invoke digital assistants on smartphones and tablets. The earphones are going to be available to shop for online on the Saregama website, also as through the company’s retail network. Now moving toward its speakers.

Saregama Carvaan Bluetooth Speaker design and features

As mentioned earlier, the highlight of this speaker is certainly its design. In terms of specifications, it is a fairly straightforward. The 1.5kg stereo speaker has an audio wattage of 6W – that’s 3W to every individual driver, though they’re pretty close to each other due to the design, so don’t expect wide stereo separation.

The Carvaan supports USB playback, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and there is a Saregama mode which allows you to play the stored collection. Saregama is one among the foremost famous music labels in India, and on its website states that it’s the custodian of over half the music recorded in India, with a history that stretches back to 1901. The Radio Geetmala commentary by Ameen Sayani included within the device goes back to 1952.

The look of the Carvaan, as described above, is modelled after a classic portable radio. The plastic finish seems like something that was made within the 70s or 80s in India – there is a few large metal buttons on the front fact that allow you to switch between the stored content modes; and there is an enormous and glossy tuning knob sort of a real radio would have. A black band runs slightly below this knob, where a true radio would have the frequency details. within the case of the Carvaan, this space is employed for an easy LCD display. there is a metal and plastic handle which will be turned out of sight, and on the left, you’ve got four buttons, for the various sources – Saregama, USB, FM, and Bluetooth. Here we have made the best list of Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 where you can also find Saregama Carvaan.

Saregama has taken the hardware segment seriously, with the launch of varied products starting with the first Saregama Carvaan in 2017. Since then, the corporate has also launched the Carvaan Go, Carvaan Gold, and Carvaan 2.0, among other devices. With the Carvaan GX01 earphones, the corporate is diving a touch deeper into the hardware space.

On the proper , you’ve got a plastic vertical volume dial, and below that a 3.5mm port you’ll connect your headphones, if you would like . On top there is a big power button, and alittle battery indicator light. The lower half the front face features a simple grille, covering the 2 speakers, and therefore the back is usually plain, aside from a USB port (for playing music), Micro-USB (for charging), and a small push button to reset the device.

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