Secure your backyard area for your pet with a fence

Every day, when you head back home after a long tiring day, just the plain sight of your furry friend jumping and hopping around with a ball and looking for its prey must be a complete treat for you. In this is the case, then you must make the choice of fixing Cat Fencing at your residence.

Do not mistake a Cat fence to be like a common fence at all. Cats are great climbers and hence, to ensure their safety, cat fencing comes as a good rescue. It also keeps strays out of your backyard or garden. In case you wish to look for options, do log on to and read more about the different types of fences you can get for your house.

Cats love the outdoors. They are playful creatures who cannot have enough of playing the whole day. This is the main reason why you have to ensure the security of the outdoors, especially when you aren’t around to keep an eye personally. Cat fencing keeps your cat well protected from all sorts of unwanted people and risks. 

When it comes to Cat Fencing, you have a bunch of options to choose from, depending on what’s your budget. You must keep this thing in your mind that a Cat Fence doesn’t just protect your pet. It blocks all the predators and other stays from entering your house. In case you have small children, Cat Fencing protects them from unwanted guests and their own childish antics as well.

In case you decide to consider the option of clamping material, do consider other uses as well. Wooden cat fences can provide the most protection for other backyard activities. Wrought iron tends to look wonderful as a fence, but it is extremely expensive. You need to plan well how you’re going to use your yard, what’s the size of your yard, and plan your budget. Small breeds are unlikely to jump a fence that is four feet or more tall but athletic, medium to medium cats can comfortably jump that height and thus need a fence that is at least six feet in height.

You also have the option of getting the Invisible Cat Fencing fixed at your residence. But for this, you will have to invest some time in training your cat about the home boundaries where you make use of flags as the boundary markers. Bury a wire around the perimeter of your backyard and make your pet wear a collar. If the cat goes close to the wire boundary marked with the flags, it will receive a slight electrical shock, reminding it to stay away from the boundary drawn.

Free Standing Fronts: These free-standing barriers are made up of thin mesh nets strung between metal poles. Pet owners tend to commonly use this variety of fence as you don’t require an existing fence for this. Thin mesh is highly advantageous too as it isn’t visible from a distance.

Wireless cat fence: This fence includes a hidden wire in a lawn. Gift your pet an electronic collar in case you opt for this fence. The hidden wire will send signals to the collar in case your cat approaches the barrier you have set for it to never cross. In case the cat ignored the warning, it will receive a mild shock. This type of fence classically conditions cats to stay within the designated limit.

Metal Fencing: In case you opt for a metal cat fence, don’t choose the one that is used by the dog owners at all. Cats are great at making long as well as high jumps.

Spiky Stripes: You can choose to mount these spiky stripes at the top of all your fences. Make sure that you design a fence that is high as then these spiky strips will completely discourage your furry pet from jumping off your property.

This type of fencing also classically conditions your pet within 2-3 times to never go close to the wire boundary.

In general, how do cats react to the concept of cat fencing?

The cats tend to try to escape and while trying, they always end up bumping their head into the mesh at the top of the fence. It will be a fun activity for you to watch your cat try and outsmart the fence. Slowly, it accepts its defeat and makes peace with the fence.

Cat fencing in plenty of ways is extremely beneficial. Wouldn’t you just love the peace of mind you will have whenever you are away from home that your pet is safe?

What are the steps that tend to come to your mind every time you think of keeping your furry best friend safe and healthy? If you are a pet owner, you must be very well aware that discovering new places in almost every outing makes cats extremely happy while keeping them fit. With these extremely playful, active, and often destructive little creatures, it always seems like a very difficult task to keep the house clean and organized as well.

While those cute paws stay on the outside, your house on the inside stays extremely clean and tidy as well.

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