Smart Reasons To Purchase a Used Car over Brand New

You dropped by a showroom, opened the door of the first vehicle that catches your eye, and then sat in it for a while. Ahhh. The ambrosial scent of a brand-new car that looks intoxicating to the point that you’ll be spending more than 20,000 dollars on a brand-new average sedan. 

Wait, what? 

Yes. You heard that right. The price for an average sedan can pump between 20,000 – 60,000 dollars, depending on the brand. So, you stumbled out of the car after getting smashed by its detrimental price. But the agent seems devoted that he’s willing to give you an alternative option. A payment instalment that will likely take you more or less five years to pay the grand in full. 

So, let’s say five or eight years from now and you have fulfilled the payment. Do you think your car would still look brand-new as it surely was eight years ago? Maybe, yes if you’re the TLC type of a driver (I hate to conclude this) but what if you’re not? A few scratches on the outside and a bag of dust on the inside so unflattering for a 20, 000 dollars.

Well, there are many reasons to buy a brand-new vehicle. The first and obvious one of those reasons is that it’s new. While new things are always intoxicating, it also makes plenty of sense to buy a used car, especially when the budget’s too tight. But not because we call them used cars doesn’t mean they’re something vintage like a cool Volkswagen or the good-looking Subaru that’s pictured above. Definitely no. These days, you can find tons of second-hand cars for sale that are good as new and slightly used that’s typically 4 to 5 years old and had around 50,000 miles on the odometer. And the most exciting part is that you can take it for half the price of the same brand-new model that you’ve been dying to drive out of the showroom. 

To help you better decide, the following points are smart reasons to purchase a used car over a brand-new one. 

You save money. 

Imagine thousands of dollars that you can save by purchasing a used car that can run as smooth as a brand-new. You don’t only save your money from the price but also from other future expenses including registration fees and insurance. Some states may vary their cut based on the vehicle’s age, weight, and power. And when it comes to insurance, most car insurance providers determine the rate of coverage based on the car’s value. You may not notice the difference between your used car and the brand-new one. But! A car insurance provider may do.

Cars depreciate.

Once you’ve taken the brand-new car out of the dealership and driven it all day, that car is already a used car. Technically, not a brand-new one anymore. And because you used it already, your car is worth substantially less than what you paid for it even an hour ago. Thence, when making huge investments, make sure to not put your money on something that depreciates its value in the long run.

Cars can last longer now. 

Most people find it hard to trust the idea of purchasing used cars. They can never be sure of how these vehicles have been and how they were treated in the past years. Plus, they can’t guarantee if there were histories of accidents, scratches, or other significant problems or not. But the good news is that the vehicles are much better now. There are available history reports that an reveal the past of a certain vehicle. Plus, the fact that there is continuous innovation in technology that is applied in the manufacturing of vehicles, providers can assure you that the vehicles of today are designed with state-of-the-art frames, smart car accessories, stronger engines, and longer mileage.   

You buy more cars with the price of one. 

Your hard-earned cash can take you much further. Especially when you spend it in a used market than if you were to purchase a brand-new. If you catch harder in a wide ocean of choices, you can buy two different types of vehicle with the same budget you have for a new car. Such an ideal strategy for someone who wants to drive a coupe to work or a seven-seater van when going on a trip with the family. Who says you can’t have it all?    

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