Sofa Deep Cleaning: Here’s How To Do It With Proper Cleaning Services in Dubai

The sofa is known to be the prime object in a living room. The existence of a sofa in the house makes sure we sit comfortably and do work regardless of what it is. Because of its potential use, sofas get dirty from time to time as we sit there from time to time watching our favourite shows. It can capture oil from our bodies. Or it’s texture can simply start to fade away. And lastly, it can become dirty from stains by spilling of drinks and other materials.

This is why cleaning the sofa is very important. And not just dusting off the dust from the top layer but it requires deep cleaning from time to time for a great result. If you want to know how to do sofa deep cleaning then get to the details.

Things to Check Before Deep Cleaning the Sofa

Before you begin to clean the sofa, there is one thing that you must consider checking. And that is the fabric of the sofa. This is essential information as based on this, you can use cleaning products to ensure no damage is done. Hence, read the label of the sofa to find out which material it is made of:

  • S- It implies that only dry cleaner can be used on it.
  • X- It implies that only vacuum cleaning can be done on it.
  • W- Implies that you can use water on it for cleaning.
  • WS- Implies that any detergent with mild intensity can be used. Also, steam can be used for it.

Once you’ve read the label, you know what the sofa can handle. Based on that, follow the next section for deep cleaning it.

5 Methods on Deep Cleaning Sofa!

Go through the following step on sofa deep cleaning and where you can get the appropriate assistance in Dubai.

  1. Use Vacuum on Sofa

The first thing to start with is vacuuming the sofa. Simply turn on the vacuum machine and let the air suction take in all the dust particles, crumbs and fur from the surface layer. Make sure you’ll thoroughly be doing it all the areas of the sofa without leaving any spot.

Additionally, check for bugs of pests during the procedure. If you see, then it would be advisable to do a second round of vacuuming to the sofa.

  1. Use Disinfectant

If there are stains on the sofa then the next thing you should apply is a disinfectant cleaner to get rid of the spots. Get a sofa cleaner form the nearest store and make sure to test it on some fabric to check its quality. Or, do a thorough check of the fabric material of the sofa and then buy a product based on that.

Now, wipe the portion of the sofa that consists of the stains and make sure the product is bleach-free. Otherwise, the sofa material can become damaged.

  1. Use Bug Spray

If you haven’t done a sofa deep cleaning or never took assistance from any companies meant for sofa deep cleaning Dubai in a long time or if you’ve bought a second-hand sofa, then chances are that it has tiny bugs in it. Bugs tend to reside in furniture. Thus over time, sofas become dull in appearing as they destroy it little by little.

For that, get a bug spray and use it on the essential parts of the sofa, such as crannies and the nooks. If there are bugs such as fleas, ticks, mites or even bed bugs, then it will kill them all. Once that is done, leave the sofa outside where it gets enough air and sunlight for 24 hours.

Also, make sure to use a bug spray that has no adverse effect on pets, considering if you have one.

  1. Get Rid of Odor

Now, the next thing to do is to make sure the odd smell from the sofa vanishes. Excess amounts of bacteria and moisture can accumulate and trigger a bad smell. To make sure the smell is removed, you’d have to use Baking Soda. But, it is always advisable to try a test on a patch before doing it.

Once you see it work without any issue, sprinkle it on the prime posts of the sofa. Make sure you’ve used enough of it. Now, use a brush to spread it all over the surface of the sofa evenly.  Without disrupting, leave the sofa for some time. Then, use the vacuum cleaner to take it out.

  1. Get Rid of Hard Stains

Getting rid of certain stains can be a difficult process. It can be furthermore difficult if stain cleaners do not work. So, for that, you’d have to apply the following ingredients based on what stains they’re made of:


If the stain is made by rust then try using the mixture of soap, lemon juice salt with a tinge of ammonia. Gently wipe it on it and the stain will come out.


For stains made of Crayon, use an alcohol solution to wipe it. Take a cotton swap and tab on it until its stain free.


The same goes for stains made of Ink. Get a cotton ball and pour a small amount of alcohol solution on it. And, then wipe the spot that has the stain.


Now, that you have the prominent ways to clean a sofa, you can easily get rid of the stains and dust on your own. But, if you are not acquainted in this niche, then it is always better to seek help from professionals expert who is dealing with such problems for years. You can seek help from the top-notched companies who known for sofa cleaning services Dubai. You can easily join hands with them by going through the websites and checking the customer’s reviews.

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