Solar Power Why It’s Getting Even More Popular and Useful

According to reports, the US will have more than 1 million homes using solar panels in 2016—and the trend is expected to grow further within the next few years.

To many experts, such statistics is welcome news, considering the fact that renewable solar energy can bring in more than many benefits to users. In fact, it is known not only for being quite helpful to the environment, but it can be quite a feasible option as well.

So, is solar power really that good?

Well, here are some things to keep in mind:

The Solar Power Industry Has Grown Exponentially

Here’s a fact: In 2006, only (approximately) 30,000 homes were using solar panels. During this period, the cost was around $9 per watt. Presently, the costs are at around $3.79 per watt, making it even more feasible, affordable—and more attractive to interested parties.

Starting at only 30,000 households — this year, the number of solar-powered homes, as mentioned earlier, is set to reach 1 million (and maybe even more).

Solar Panels are Now More Efficient

With the advent of more advanced technology, solar systems have become even more efficient. The biggest advantage of using solar power is that is not reliant on the existing grid system. You can go totally off the grid by opting for solar power system.

Unlike before where solar power could only cater to a fraction of a home’s electricity demand, the more advanced solar systems today can satisfy an impressive 85% of an average household’s electricity demand. In fact, some experts claim that it could be more, depending on the type of system one uses.

Solar Systems Are Becoming More Affordable

Unlike the older days where installing solar-powered systems can cost you an arm and a leg—today’s solar systems have become quite affordable.

On average, solar power installation costs around $29,000. But if you take into account the tax rebates, as well as the other government incentives that you can enjoy through the use of solar power—that amount can easily get even smaller and more affordable. What makes this system even more impressive is the fact it can bring in a lot of other benefits, both on the users, as well as the environment.

More and More People Are Planning to Use Solar Systems

According to reports, there are around 6 million Americans who are actively trying to look for an appropriate solar system to use, and forecasts believe that around 300,000 (or more) of them will be installing and using such a system for their respective homes.

But then again, such growing interest for solar isn’t that all surprising, considering that its benefits can easily outweigh its initial costs.

Think about it:

  • Going solar means reducing your home’s carbon emissions.
  • It means producing electricity—without any harmful effects on the environment.
  • It means less dependence on the grid for your electricity needs.
  • It has no noise, it brings about aesthetic value—and it can be a very good financial move (provided you have the proper system in place).
  • Its potential to grow is continuing at a very fast and impressive pace—and the system is expected to grow further within a very short period of time.

Going Solar Means Having Greater Control

By using solar power —users will have greater control over their electric needs. They won’t have to depend on the utility providers, and they’ll have greater access to electricity (that, in reality, costs a lot less than those coming from conventional sources). In effect, you get to make your choice, and you will benefit from it.

Another aspect worth noting about solar systems is the so-called hybrid systems, where you can use electricity both from solar and your utility provider. In effect, this allows you to utilize the best of both worlds—which you can then take advantage of.

Solar Power Will Only Grow Bigger

With all the benefits and the planned advancements of solar systems—this technology will only grow bigger and more impressive over time. As it is, those who are looking to cater to their respective electric needs can use this system to gain the benefits that it’s offering to users.

And with the way things are going—solar-powered systems are only bound to get bigger and better. And a lot of people can’t wait. But we need to wait few more years to see the impacts of solar power on our existing economic and power generator sectors.

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