Summer Must-Have Makeup Products

Winter saw a surge in all things dark, layers and thick, but now, summer has already marked its steps in town, and it’s time to spice things up a little. And what’s a better way to welcome the new season than with a fresh and fabulous looking face?

For many women, makeup bags stuffed full to the brim with all the seasonal makeup essentials act as a confidence booster and an instant pick me up on those sunny hot days. Likewise, our closets, the cosmetics products that we use require a switch-up as the seasons come & go, and quite frankly, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the new products that seem to find their way into the market. Now, this is a predicament for every woman so, we decided to write this blog post. A post that is completely focused on all things summer beauty trends, mainly guiding on how you can upgrade your makeup bag with the perfect essentials for this season.

Swap Foundations for tinted moisturizers

With the promise of lighter textures and a beautiful no-makeup look, it’s not a surprise the demand of tinted moisturizers, and BB creams are gaining immense popularity. After all, who doesn’t love a natural-looking glow? With zero covering of thick layers, these lightweight tinted formulas definitely treat your skin to something with a barely-there feel. Summer isn’t about covering your face with thick foundations, it’s about heading out, and enjoying the sun soaking it deeply into the pores of your skin. BB creams, CC creams and tinted creams are great alternatives to your usual base specially designed to even out facial skin tone.

Bye Berry Tones, Hello Pastel Shades

The shades in our makeup bags entirely depend on the season we’re heading to. Rich, dramatic berry tones are swap for soft pinks and pretty pastel hues in summer. In this hot weather, pastel tones are definitely an instant remedy for dull-looking skin and perfect for brightening up your complexion. So, if you’re struggling to decide on which brand to go for the perfect summer tones, then this is the ideal time to invest in the Lazada beauty collection which has all this and much more in store for you.

Summer Calls for Light and Bright Lipsticks

We all girls have one in thing in common, that’s our love for lipsticks. No woman’s makeup bag is complete without it. It may be small and takes a few seconds to apply, but it gives the perfect finishing touch to any great makeup look. With no rules that how many collections of lipstick a lady can own, you can pick as many light and bright shades as you can. For perfect summer lipsticks, you just can’t beat coral-colored lipsticks, baby pinks, nudes, gloss finish and lovely orangey-red lipstick. By simply adding them in your make-up collection just wonder how many occasions you can pull off, or how many times you can get the perfect look in an instant.

Apply a Concealer

Age spots, discolouration, dark circles-all are unavoidable and leave everyone feeling down in the dumps. What we require is that extra TLC for all those little blemishes and imperfections, and concealer is always there. The addition of concealer in your summer makeup regime is not too much that your skin asks for. A little airbrushing of concealer not only helps you create a flawless looking skin but also perfect the skin in all the necessary areas, without masking the entire face.

There you have it, these were our top makeup choices for you to avail during this summer season, but since it is an ever-changing trend. There surely will be more additional make-up options for you to get. But till then try utilizing these mentioned in the list to get the most out of your outfits, and also to look fabulous amongst occasions. We will keep trying our best to find more make-up products for you to use that are not only pocket friendly, but are also fabulously lavish enough to truly bring out the best in you.

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