Top 10 Supply Chain Management Software Development Companies

Supply chain is the basic process followed through the entire logistic cycle and it is equally important to have a software helping you through. Though logistic is just one component of the supply chain, it does make a great difference in the entire process. Supply chain activities include procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, logistics and order management.   

While it’s quite clear that having a supply chain management software is necessary, the next step should be finding the right supply chain software companies to develop the best solution for your business 

Here’s the list of the top supply chain management software development companies- Company Name Location Hourl Rate
1 Clavax Technologies  USA, Australia, Middle East, India $19 – $49
2 Basware $19 – $50
3 High Jump United State $25 – $49
4 Epicor Software Not Available    —
5 Coupa Software Not Available    —
6 XB Software’s Belarus $19 – $55
7 Oracle United States, Croatia < $25/hr
8 Add on solutions India (2008) < $25/hr
9 Infoxen India (2007) $19 – $58
10 Manhattan Associates Not Available    —
11 Infor Global Solutions United States
12 JDA United Kingdom < $25/hr
13 SAP Germany, United States    —

1. Clavax Technologies  –  Supply-chain management software Company

Clavax is the leader in IT services, skilled to provide customized solutions in Web, Mobility, Consulting, Big Data & Analytics and more! Working with an exquisite collaboration of innovation-led ideas and technology-driven IT solutions to untangle even the most complex business challenges. Clavax is constantly improving its services with an increasing number of project deliveries every year. Featuring in the list of Inc 5000, empowering more than 100 satisfied clients, the company has worked for the known brands including PWC,,, Fujitsu, Aurora, Honeywell and more! Choose Clavax for expertise in Blockchain Development, providing top-notch services in building technology-based solutions.  

  • 9 years of experience in Supply chain management software development.
  • Location – USA, India, UK, Australia, Middle-East
  • Employees – 250 – 999
  • Hourly rate: $19 – $49
  • Product and Services based company

2. Basware – Supplychain Software Developer

Basware offers automated payment solutions to help firms with everything from e-invoicing and e-procurement to financial software and services. The company was founded and launched in 1985 and now connects businesses in over 100 countries and territories. Back in 2016 it made $122.3 million revenue from its supply chain software. Some notable achievements include innovative procurement technology of the year the Innovate Awards and making Global Finance’s list of Best Web-Based Supply Chain Financing Solutions.  

3. High Jump – Supplychain Software solution provider

Ranging across 66 countries to help over 4200 customers, HighJump is offering a suite of software relating to warehouse management, business integration, transportation management and retail solutions. The company made almost %134.9 million in sales of it supplychain software 2016, making fairly steady growth from previous year. It aims to help the clients in driving growth, customer satisfaction and revenue.  

4. Epicor Software Corporation Supplychain Software Company

Epicor offers supply chain software tailored to the needs of various businesses and industries, ranging from manufacturing and distribution to retail. Been founded in 1972, Epicor employs around 3900 employees, serving over 20,000 customers across the globe. They have an aim to “drive growth for the customers by being the leading provider of industry-specific software solutions and services”. Their top clients include Energizer, Teconnex, Rexel and North American Lumber.

5. Coupa Software – Supply chain software development company

Coupa business spend management platform offers business software solution across their procurement, invoicing, expenses, sourcing and analytics. It includes some reputed clients including Salesforce, Sanofi and NEC. Led by CEO Rob Bernshteyn from its headquarters in San Mateo, California. The company was founded in 2006 with the aim of reinventing spend management software. It’s now amongst the Silicon Review’s 30 Most Trustworthy Companies and is also certified as “Great Place to Work”.  

6. XB Software’s – Supplychain Manage software development company

Custom fleet management systems and supply chain management (SCM) applications enable businesses to efficiently manage their supply chain network. Properly designed SCM software can be an excellent way to automate processes in logistics and reduce total costs.

The developers of XB Software have extensive experience in designing custom logistics and supply chain solutions. Comprehensive and scalable software solutions with approach to helping and improve delivery capacity and simplify procurement management. XB software’s custom-made software also improves efficiency in the process, decreases downtime for vehicles, and saves money.

7. Oracle – Supplychain software development company

Oracle offers software as a service and as a platform, infrastructure and data services as well. The company marks around 4,30,000 customers spanning 175 locations. While the numbers doesn’t stop there, with Oracle employing 1,38,000 people which includes 40.000 developers and engineers, 16,000 support and service specialists and 19,000 implementations consultants. Oracle helps businesses modernize their supply chain management processes, offering clients services kike product life cycle management, supply chain management, supply chain planning and order management.

8. Add on solutions – Top Supply chain management software company

Every company or organization operates with maximum complexity and opportunities, making it necessary for supplier-related companies around the world to have supply chain management systems or SCM solutions that meet that business needs and ensure that the business survives even in a severe economic crisis. Want to make the business compliant with next-generation technologies? Add on solutions in Supply Chain Management applications carry the opportunity to contact our team and learn more.

Epicor offers supply chain software tailored to the needs of various businesses and industries, ranging from manufacturing and distribution to retail. Been founded in 1972, Epicor employs around 3900 employees, serving over 20,000 customers across the globe. They have an aim to “drive growth for the customers by being the leading provider of industry specific software solutions and services”. Their top clients include Energizer, Teconnex, Rexel and North American Lumber.

9. Infoxen – Supply chain software development company

Infoxen deploying Real-Time Access & Streamlining your entire Supply Chain Processes. By simplifying and streamlining inventory, distribution, and customer delivery models, Infoxen help the supply chain management & planning industry achieve quicker results and gain productivity. Imbibing AI strategies, machine learning skills, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods, Infoxen enables real-time insights and monitoring capabilities to drive successful results in each process. They understand the basic requirement of the supply chain industry. Contemplating your specific supply chain necessities, so they offer the custom-built solution that matters in the current supplychain management business context.

10. Manhattan Associates – Supplychain management software company in USA

Manhattan Associates works across various industries including wholesale, retail, pharmaceutical, FMCG, Manufacturing and many more sectors. The company was founded in 1990, it currently employs over 3000 people and is a maninstay as Warehouse Management leader on Gartner’s Magic Quardant Report, being featured since 2009. Other notable rewards and recognitions includes making Forbes’ America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies’ list in the past three years in a row.

11. Infor Global Solutions – Supplychain software developer

Infor is helping over 90,000 organizations across the world with their digital transformation, including within their supply chains. The company was founded in 2002, where it had 1300 customers and operated under the name Agilsys, Infor is now running 168 direct offices across the globe which house over 15000 employees. Infor’s Supply Chain Management software works across many sectors including retail, distribution, F&B and industrial manufacturing.

12. JDASupply Chain Management Solutions

Founded in 1985, logistics giant JDA made huge revenue in the supply chain management segment. The company works across the manufacturing, retail, distribution, logistics, hospitality, travel and entertainment sectors. While in particular, the company offers an impersive third part logistics segment which includes inventory optimization, omni channel fulfillment, returns facilitation and value added warehouse or manufacturing services. The company currently serves about 4000 clients in total across over 40 locations around the world.

13. SAP – Supplychain solution provider

Global supply chain master SAP made $2.93bn from its SCM-related software in 2016, which remains a fairly steady figure from the previous year. SAP is the largest business software company in the world and the Germany-based company has become somewhat of a household name since its foundation in 1972. Fast-forward 46 years and the company serves about 378,000 customers, with notable clients including Microsoft, Lennox and Komplett Group. SAP’s IoT and Digital Supply Chain offering promises clients that it will help them digitise their supply chains as well as making collaboration with partners easier within the supply chain.

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