Tech in Prenatal Care-Empowering rural women with a mobile-first avenue for information

Prenatal Care

In the era of wireless technology, where there are more mobile phones than people, mobile applications play an important role for rural women to improve their maternal health. Technology is adjusting the way wherein health care is delivered.
According to George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, nowadays, technology could take some portion of the expense and burden of the prenatal visits becomes less.

In rural areas, health diagnosis application is helpful models for conveying wellbeing of a mother as well as baby, information related to health for each phase of pregnancy, and how they will take care of themselves as well as prenatal. Medical clinics that have the latest technologies utilize fewer suppliers for bigger areas contrasted with traditional medical clinics in resource-constrained settings, which is particularly helpful in zones with deficiencies of human services suppliers and a wide geological appropriation of patients.

The expected growth because of tech

The yearly loss of life remains unsuitably high: 289,000 pregnant deaths, 5.9 million deaths in kids under the age of five, including 2.7 million infant deaths. These maternal and prenatal mortality rates goes down by 45% since 1990 by the help of latest tech – from innovative work into new medications and immunizations, catalyzing imaginative coordinated efforts, improving the well-being of births through providing proper training to well-being experts, strengthening social insurance capacity by developing application for maternal health care and educating them through essential data to new material.

By the use of the latest tech, it improves the lives of pregnant women, new mothers, and their families too. It provides various vital information to new mothers, reminders for an appointment and reminder notification to enable children to take up vaccination services.
Innovative ways to improve better care for maternal and newborns:
1 – application for data collection and followup with patients:
2 – For keeping track of all your medical records:
3 – Access to Teleconsultation through the app directly:

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