The 7 best ways to raise traffic for your business website

best ways to raise traffic for your business

Making a beautiful website for your business is important, yes, but it is also important to make sure your website gets the maximum amount of visitors. Only then, your website will be successful in doing what it is intended to do, which is to promote the business or company further. To raise visitor traffic, you need to do a few things:

Make the site mobile-friendly

These days, people are using mobiles, tablets, and smartphones more than desktops. If a website is not mobile-friendly in such a scenario, it cannot really be successful.
So, your website needs to be mobile-friendly, that is it should look

Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is very important for making sure that your website is easily detected by search engines across the web.
You need to ensure that the builder CMS(Content Management System) that you choose for building your website has an SEO tool. This will make the job of performing SEO easier for you.
This basically has three main aspects –
Meta Title: This is the title that will be displayed on the browser where your website page is open. For every page, you need to give a unique title, that will also make it easier for a search engine to locate that web page with ease.
Meta Description: This is the description that should contain primary (and also secondary) keywords related to the particular web page. This can have around 140-160 characters.
The keywords present in this, when typed on search engines, will make it easier to locate the web page and will be displayed on top of the search results related to those keywords.
Canonical URL: This is the full URL of a web page in your site; this needs to be established for SEO, because sometimes there can be URLs similar to yours and when a user enters your page’s URL, it can be redirected to another website (maybe your competitor’s, in case they have a similar name!) and that is never good for your business. So you need to make sure

Making the website location-specific

You can use web analytics tools (provided along with website builder app these days) to monitor and analyze the visitors to your website. You can also know the number of visitors from different locations around the world. If you are getting maximum visitors from some specific regions or countries, you can make your site friendlier to those regions.

Responsive Website

Apart from mobiles, your website needs to look good on any other device that it is opened in.
So you need to make your website “responsive” to different device sizes and shapes, like tablets, laptops, small and large screen mobiles, and of course, also desktops.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Adding some long-tail keywords along with short-tail keywords related to every web page will be way more beneficial to your SEO process. Short tail keywords are basically more general, commonly-used so they may have more user intents. These can be one or two words in length. As a result, these will have more competition, and a higher search volume. Long-tail keywords are usually more specific to the particular website or webpage. These can be longer, like a phrase or short sentence.
For example – A short tail keyword can be something like – “design” or “color”, while a long-tail keyword can be something like – “how to design a website with the intention”
People generally will prefer the popular keywords, as they think these will be most-searched by users and so the visibility of their site will increase. But this is not true. Long-tail keywords also will help your website be viewed by people who are actually searching for that specific product or service which your business is offering.

Analyze visitors’ online behaviors

Your potential and existing customers’ online behaviors can be monitored and analyzed using Web Analytics. By doing this, you can know what people are looking for, which parts of your site are attracting more attention, and on which places the visitors are spending the most time. Based on this, you can make improvements to the parts that are not drawing much interest from people, and make these parts more interesting

Monitor how your SEO is working

Using web analytics, you can know how much total traffic your website is getting. If this number is not close to what you expected, you may need to do more improvements to your SEO aspect, so that the visitor traffic increases and your website gains more popularity.