The Bonuses and Benefits of Condo Living

First off, we want to state right off the top that we understand different people have different priorities when they’re looking for a place to live. Depending on what you’re looking for, what’s important to you, and where you are in your life, you might find yourself drawn towards a duplex, an apartment, a single-family detached home, or a tiny house in the middle of nowhere.

Now that we’ve covered that off: CONDO LIVING IS WHERE IT’S AAAAAAAAAT!!!


In all seriousness, though, we absolutely adore condo living. There are just so many perks and benefits associated with the condo lifestyle! Does our boundless enthusiasm not quite have you convinced? That’s fine – we’ve got a whole blog to get you onboard!

The Many, Many, MANY Benefits of Living in a Condo

While we could wax poetic for pages and pages about all the great things that make condo living awesome, below is a condensed version of our would-be manifesto. A few easily-digestible bullet points to paint on a plaque for your condo board meetings, perhaps?!

  • Property maintenance: There isn’t any! Okay, well, we guess that’s not entirely true. There is property maintenance – you’re just not responsible for doing any of it! Like a total and complete boss, all you have to do is flip a couple of bills over to the condo corporation at the end of every month, and they’ll hire all that wretched mowing and shoveling out to a trusted, reputable company, leaving you free to kick back, grab a refreshing beverage, and do whatever the heck else you’d rather spend your time doing.
  • Families of all ages, now welcome: Once upon a time, in the distant year of 2017, condo corporations in Alberta used to be free to set up age restrictions, disallowing residents under 18 years old from taking up residence in their communities if they chose to do so. Since then, these restrictions were deemed to be in violation of the Alberta Human Rights Act and have been made illegal, making condos across the province (with some unique, specific exceptions) open to families, one and all!
  • Awesome, astonishing, amazing amenities: Get swole at the gym; zen out in the garden; take a dip in the pool; play some billiards; meet up with some friends and catch the game on the big screen – all without ever leaving your condo building! With the market pushing toward a strong focus on amenities (especially in some of the newer buildings in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer), condos are offering more and more incredible experiences for residents to enjoy, all within the comfort of their own building.
  • Community – and security: Locks. Doormen (and doorwomen!). 24-hour onsite management. Keycodes. When it comes to providing a feeling of safety and security, it’s tough to beat condo living. And if all that high-tech gadgetry somehow fails, that’s where your condo’s community comes in – not only providing a welcoming built-in social circle for tenants and renters, but also being there to keep an eye on one another and to call out anything fishy. You might get past the doorman, but let’s see you try sneaking past Dolores in Unit 3-H!
  • Location, location: Location! If the vibrancy of the YYC or YEG downtown core is what you’re after, condo living is your best bet at making it happen without having to pay an arm and a leg in the process. Inner-city living can be prohibitively expensive if you’re looking at buying (or even just renting!) a detached home. Condo living, on the other hand, is generally quite affordable, even in the hippest and happeningest of neighbourhoods – and if you’ve got money to burn, you can find some preeeeeetty fancy condos out there, too!

Wow! Now that’s what we call a list! Condo living sure looks pretty amazing from here, doesn’t it? Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also take a moment to explore the other side of things, too. Every rose – no matter how beautiful and amenity-packed – has its thorns, and so in the interest of fairness, we’ll take a moment to discuss.

The Very Few, Sort-of-Less-Awesome Things About Condo Living

As with all lifestyles, condo living does come with a few caveats and compromises that are worth taking into account for anyone considering investing in a condominium in Calgary, Edmonton, or Red Deer.

The big deal-breaker for some folks often comes down to dollars and cents – as these things tend to do. While we mentioned above that condo living can be a cost-saver in all sorts of different ways, there are some other financial details to consider as well. While condos can pack a big bang-for-your-buck, they do unfortunately suffer from not appreciating quite as well as single-family detached homes, meaning that if you’re looking for an large return when you sell your property, a condominium might not be where you’d want to start. Doubly-so once you factor in condo fees, not to mention any special assessments that might crop up as the result of an ill-prepared reserve fund study.

In addition to these financial considerations, it’s also probably worth stating the obvious: when you live in a condo, you’re sharing walls with people. Maybe just on one side, maybe both, and maybe even above and below you, as well. For some folks, this is a bonus (so many people so close means that opportunities to be social are always abound!), but for other individuals who might think of themselves more as Lone Wolves and like to listen to loud industrial metal into the wee hours of the morning, this sort of living arrangement could eventually prove to be problematic.

Really, though, there’s not much else we can think of to discourage you from signing on the dotted line and starting your blissful journey towards condo living today! There really is something special about the condominium lifestyle – and whether it’s the community, the amenities, or the lack of miserable yard work that appeals to you most, we can definitely get behind it.

Want to learn more about what makes condo living the bee’s knees? Give us a shout at condominium services calgary today. Whether you’re looking for condominium management in Calgary, Edmonton, or Red Deer, or simply want to hear us go on ad nauseum about all the things we love about condo living, we’ll be more than happy to oblige!

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