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.The chronicles of security matters, how?

On a damp warm night, there sat a lonely man in his far off cabin. he wore a shabby robe in a dark room. He sits there with his laptop in utter silence. The only light in the room is through his laptop the sharp light reflecting upon his spectacles. He looks to be in a hurry. His table is messy, there is a notebook, a cup of coffee, and an ashtray. He is right-handed, he has a cigarette in his left hand and he takes a drag after every 4 seconds.

He writes down on his notebook after every 2 minutes, he types on his laptop after a regular interval. His room is dark, all we see is a certificate of registration hanging on the wall, the credentials show he is a top guy who owns an organization. Looking at him now he looks like a guy portraying obsessive behavior and someone who has lost it.

2 years back Mr. Papastathopoulos from Greece started his own software house, he was the top gun, his company was soaring through the air and he was enjoying a lifestyle we all dream off. The sports car, Villas house on the beach, Penthouse in Beverly hills, dating models, and all of that he had it all. The question is what happened within the space of 728 days that a Goliath in the field of software industry fell from the above to rock bottom? Intriguing isn’t it.

He has gone from Mr. “Have it all” rocking weekends in the beach house to Mr. “Had it all” obsessing over his loss. How did Mr. Papasthoplus get here, from partying in Ibiza to living off the grid in Austria? A long way from home he is and definitely homesick. So how did you got here Mr. Papastathopoulos as we asked him, he sank deeper in his chair gasped, threw his hands in the air, started looking down, suddenly he got up and in his Greek accent he said: “it is a long story, but I’ll try to be concise”.

The guy with the pen who was sitting with his leg up on the desk nodded in time.
The following are the events that he uncovered.

Chapter 1: I am a go-getter – The Chronicles of security!!!

Smoking another cigarette he stood right in front of a mirror and stared deep in it and started talking: “I was the only child of my parents, my father was a police officer in Atlanta he got killed in a shootout outside a casino, I was too young to remember that, my mom died when I got admitted on a scholarship in MIT, the real MIT, mind you and that I remember just fine”. He actually came from a humble background, he worked hard, worked day and night, got wrong but he never quit. Not quitting is a synonym for him. 

“I took every opportunity I had, I grabbed and I forced my way into the bigger circle, no one could stop me, but we all make mistakes, some bigger than other, some more stupid than a five-year-old”. His eyes turned red as he reminisced about the events that occurred. The cigarette fell to the ground, he picked up the glass from the counter in front of the mirror, took a sip of wine, and then he took a deep breath.

Chapter 2: The Judas Contract – The Chronicles of security!!! 

“Mistakes, what mistakes you made”, asked the person in the corner of the room. Papasthopolus walked towards him with heavy steps. “Yes mistake, I had a friend he was with me since the start, longer than I care to remember”. The person on the sofa puts his hand in the pocket and the dark in the room makes it impossible to see, he takes out a picture and puts it on the table, “this friend, Nicholas Vasiliki.” “yes Nicko, my friend”.

Papastathopoulos was working on a high-grade Government contract, it only means one thing secrecy and security is everything. Government contracts mean no compromise over anything. After the first three months of great work, something went wrong.
The government pulled back the contract, destroying Papastathopoulos’ reputation and company, completely wiping him out. He was facing inquiries and lawsuits of millions and billions completely ruining him.

So from Penthouse in Beverly Hills, he fell to a two-room apartment in Atlanta ghettos. Now he resides elsewhere.

Chapter 3: The reveal – The Chronicles of security!!!

“How did you know it was Nicko?” asked the guy in the room. “No one else had access to data, it was me and him only, I didn’t do it,” said the angry Papasthopolous. “When you find out it was him, what did you do?”, papastathopoulos sat in his chair and lit another cigarette and took a drag. “What else could I’ve done? I left.” “you sure you didn’t kill him and dragged his body in the ocean?”.
Papasthopolus’s company became the victim of a data breach, although he had spent millions on restricting and mitigating any foreign threats he couldn’t do the same for insider threat.

The government contract was a bust as data leaked the government pulled the contract and crucified Papastathopoulos. So the Papastathopoulos situation is about to go from bad to worse. Since there is no hard evidence against him so he might just go free.

Insider threats ruined a $ multi-million firm within the space of two years what’s to say that you are safe from it? Trusting employees is a good thing, but testing them with such confidential material might be essential but not having a backup is nothing more than negligence. Simple tools can save your reputation and data.

Insider threatThe Chronicles of security!!!

He trusted a person without any precautions and now he is spending his days locked up in a cabin living completely off the grid. A simple lapse in concentration took him to the cleaners. Judas and Brutus and all other famous insider threats in human history have the same story. They do not have a happy ending but they destroy nations and history.

So taking this little thing for granted is stupid it can destroy your entire career. So how could Papasthopolus save not only the entire company but his reputation and millions he spent on lawsuits. Simply by using an automated tool that could have not only tracked the task but also would have been able to keep an eye on the employees through employee monitoring.

A tool that was used by his rival in the industry the Staff Timer App worked for hand in hand with Victor Kordova, Kordova was never a threat to Papastathopoulos however his sheer brilliance in the field made him unavoidable. The government contract after Papastholpolus went to Kordova because he ensured data security not only externally but internally, especially internally.

Chapter 4: adding insult to injury – The Chronicles of security!!!

Further investigation in the case did prove Papasthopolus’s innocence he was allowed to work again and he now acts as a freelancer. Penelope Chloe the assistant was hired by Papastathopoulos earliest when he started his venture, she had a big charge sheet in her name. 

Nicholas dies for nothing and even though Papastathopoulos was clever enough to kill his best friend leaving no traces of it. He will have to live with this guilt throughout his life.
Simple negligence, trusting the wrong person and on top of that getting evicted not only from home but from the country, killing his best friend on the suspicion of betrayal.

Chapter 5: ConclusionThe Chronicles of security!!!

Use things to your advantage and you might just survive, instincts are not always right they often mislead and humans react on impulses. These impulses often lead to calamity, that is why we need total automation to help us in our decision making. Smart decision making is the only way to make decisions in today’s world.

You cannot take anything for granted when you are in the position of power. Trusting someone and choosing to trust someone are two different things. Employers like Papastathopoulos often “choose to trust” their employees. It reflects their helplessness even though they are in a position of power. 

What could have been – The Chronicles of security 

A tool that could help employers at this moment in time do refer to as a necessity, automation is a process that no one can deny it in the future and we can be a part of it or we can still be subject to our arrogance.

Tools such as the Staff Timer App takes a lot off your plate. Only if he had been able to see it coming, analyzing the reports made by the Staff Timer App would have helped him identify the red flags. He could have saved not only his company from Chloe but also Nicholas from his anger. Task tracking software could have helped him by:
Identifying threats on the spot before they cause damage

Gaining more visibility into user activities
Monitoring employee data 
Demand a complete report by the end of the day

Human life is nothing more than a compilation of “what could have been”, the same thing. Papastathopoulos is wondering in his cabin on a rainy night. The same thing Kordova is thinking while sitting in his Villa with his wife and a glass of wine. The same thought passed Nicholas’s mind as his body drifted away in the depths of the ocean.

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