The Effect of COVID-19 on University Admissions in UK

The UK has been one of the most promising destinations for students opting for overseas education. The elite universities and educational institutions that have been extending quality education for decades have been the prime choice of students. As the educational institutions in the country have been recognized and valued internationally, it assured great employment opportunities. The paramount aspect that has been attracting aspiring students across the globe to universities in UK. Students have to struggle hard to get university admissions in the UK. Moreover, education consultants in Dubai have excelled in the field of consulting. Consulting reputed UK education consultants in Dubai for university admissions is a better choice.

The widespread COVID-19 pandemic has turned life around the world darker. Undoubtedly, it has adversely affected the educational aspirations of students around the world. With restrictions on international travel and limitations in visas, issuance has reduced the number of students opting for education abroad. We will be deliberating all-around aspects related to education in the UK, as well as, the effect of COVID-19 on university admissions in UK.

However, since the correction happening due to coronavirus is natural in nature, the world is expected to bounce back with added vigour soon. Education consultants are a stick to lean on during the difficult situation towards obtaining admission. Education consultants and coaching institutes in Dubai advise students for admission in top colleges and universities. Hence, you need not be worried about the present condition owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most Popular Courses in UK

Although you will find courses in every stream in renowned universities in UK, some courses are more opted than other courses by foreign students. The leading educational institutions in UK have been exemplary in all aspects

Engineering – The undisputed prominence of engineering courses in universities in UK continues.

Medicine – Medical courses in UK have been well distinguished and the number of students opting for the same is increasing each year.

Business Management – Educational institutions with exclusive courses on business management have been attracting foreign students in hordes.

Besides the above-mentioned courses, UK has universities and colleges with courses in Computer Science, Architecture, Multimedia, Creative Art and many more. Candidates with professional qualifications from universities in UK can opt for employment in multinational companies and business and industrial organizations around the world.

Benefits of Studying in UK

  • Universities/ colleges with advanced infrastructure facilities
  • The educational institutions focussing on the student’s overall development, rather than only studies
  • Excellent quality of teaching and training
  • Recognized and accepted across the globe
  • Extra-curricular activities to inculcate an optimistic attitude and spirit of togetherness
  • Students from diverse culture to mingle and understand
  • Loans and bank scholarships for aiding brilliant students in pursuing their dream career

Effect of COVID-19 on University Admissions in UK

The Present Scenario

The educational institutions in UK have paused or reduced admissions for the time being. The admissions are likely to commence in the near future or as and when the situation improves. The universities are optimistic about the resumption of the admission process at the earliest.

The universities in UK have decided to extend the application period for enrolment to the universities. They are hopeful that the admission will commence in end-September or early-October 2020. Further, the application process has been simplified to enable the easy application for enrolment. You can use the optimum use of the student-centric amendments.

Online Courses

The universities have turned to online coaching. This is expected to continue until the time an effective vaccine is invented for Coronavirus. Physical coaching and extra-curricular activities are stopped as of now. Some of the universities have decided to commence the autumn-2020 course through online classes. Confirmation regarding the universities may be obtained from the respective universities or overseas education consultants.

Visa Processing

The offices for visa processing are open. The students can apply for a visa. The agencies will be examining the visa requests and will provide approval in due course. The students may follow the laid down procedure for visa application. Else, contact abroad educational consultants to gain data regarding the same.

Positive Steps by Institutions

The colleges and universities have initiated significant steps to reduce harm to students. By extending the time frame, instituting student-friendly enrolment process, and similar acts, the universities have been ensuring that overseas students can join and continue courses without much problem.

There have been proposals to establish COVID-19 based endowments and scholarships, fee discounts, and extended periods for fee payment to support the international students.

Language Proficiency Test

Universities are continuing to conduct English language proficiency tests. You can check the websites of relevant universities to know the details.

International students do not have to lose hope about joining educational institutions in the UK. The universities have been consolidating all-out efforts to ensure that the courses are commenced at the earliest. Besides implementing necessary measures to eliminate problems caused by the delay in the commencement of courses.

Consult abroad educational consultancy services to know more about the courses in different universities in UK. Alternatively, you can browse through the websites of the educational institutions to confirm the enrolment process and period of admission.

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