The Feasibility Behind Investing in Co-working Spaces

The commercial property segment has noticed a great change in the recent times regarding the co-working space culture. With technological advancements in multiple fields, most of the patrons are preferring this kind of working culture all across the globe. Corporate segment has witnessed savings up to 25% in using such kind of space for their office set up. Co-working spaces also have all the most expensive state-of-the-art facilities like in ILD Greens, pre-installed and expertly managed, which means companies can enjoy an upgrade on their existing facilities, without taking the risk of purchasing all the infrastructure by themselves.

We analyzed the complete corporate market segment deeply and according to our projection, there will be a great demand for these co-working spaces in the coming time and almost 30 to 40 % of them will be generated by the bigger corporates such as ILD Grand Centra. Hence, it’s a great opportunity to capitalize this present scenario by investing in these co-working spaces.

Understanding the Corporate space trend

Over the last few years, co-working spaces have gained popularity with start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporates. Huge investments in the sector are enabling shared space providers like ILD Trade Center to scale up faster by utilizing these funds.

Rising demand in Metros & Tier II cities

During our thorough analysis of corporate working culture and its trends, we found a great rise in two rising trends; one is for work from home culture and the other one is for co-working spaces. Most of the corporate surveys performed across the globe reported these two issues very positively. In fact, co-working spaces can be an apt solution for some demerits of work from home. A good deal of individuals wish to visit co-working spaces like in ILD Arete in order that they may be motivated by others in different companies. Working together with motivated employees also helps to fight loneliness.

No Doubt-A Cost Saving Investment

In a situation where people want to move their growing business into a more professional environment, a co-working space has proven to be a perfect solution to this. Whether they need a space to work, receive a client, host a meeting, or they want to have a base for business, they can find an affordable solution in a co-working space. Whether it is a startup or a freelancer, they can easily find well established and fully furnished office space for them like in ILD Grand, to start operating with immediate effect.  Moreover, the major players in this field provide various amenities to attract more and more clients for their co-working space and smaller businesses love to prefer these spaces as they get highly specialized space with complete corporate environment facilities in comparatively less amount than traditional office spaces.

Higher ROIs

Once, you make an investment in Engracia plots or into co-working spaces, your property will continue to yield returns on a regular basis without any hassle. Experiencing the growing trend in startup companies and a shifting base to co-working spaces, your investment is surely going to get high returns on it. Anticipating the results of various global reports, this is the most suitable time to invest in these co-working spaces as early investors will yield higher return on investment compared with those who invest at a later stage. 

Co-working-The Future of Commercial Real Estate

By the end of 2021, it is expected that almost 20% of the global commercial space will occupied as co-working spaces. The commercial Real Estate sector is likely to grow at a tremendous rate and keeping in mind the above assumption, the investments in co-working spaces will also boost by introducing every possible perks and facilities for their clients to provide a competitive as well as co-operative working environment for the startups and small businesses.

Investments in commercial properties have always yielded high returns and with the introduction of this co-working space culture, the investors have got another golden opportunity to get best returns on their investments by digging up little deep in this aspect.

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