The “Must-Use” iOS Templates for 2020

iOS applications have forever been popular among users and developers. The prestige that comes with iPhones is hard to compare with any other smartphone. The simplicity, aesthetics, neatness, and great UI designs iOS applications share are some attributes that contribute to the popularity of these apps. 

There are around 100 million iPhone users in the market; therefore, going for custom iOS app development is smart.

The stats for the number of iOS applications out there in the market are also pretty amazing. There are around 1.85 million iOS applications in the world; the competition is high. 

Hence, you have to build an app that stands out in the crowd- that makes the other apps become “the crowd.” 

But, what’s the way to stand out? 

What will make you different? 

What will make other applications envy you?

All these questions have a straightforward answer – TEMPLATES!!!!

There are over 1800 iOS app templates in the market, all equally amazing. 

To be honest, with the help of these brilliant templates, even a novice developer can build an iOS application from scratch. 

This is possible since an iOS app template provides the developer with complete source code to a fully-functional iPhone application. 

However, if you wish to create something dynamic, fresh, and just out of the box- if you need to create that one iOS application that stands out, that outshines you must take help from an iOS mobile app development company

As we discussed before, iOS app templates are the way to go. Integrating these templates to your iOS applications will give you a professional start.

Let’s see what your options are:

  • Universal for iOS:

Universal is one of the best templates in the iOS application development industry. The spectacular templates let the developer create any kind of application that they would want by obtaining unlimited content from feeds, timelines, blogs, websites, and playlists. These elements then help the developer to do custom iOS app development properly. So you get what you want, just the way you want it. 

This template is the best seller, thanks to its traits that support almost all popular web sources like WordPress, Facebook, Youtube, RSS, etc. 

It also supports AdMob that allows your users to remove advertisements and banners from their iOS applications. 

  • WebViewGold:

The WebViewGold app template is another incredible template that facilitates iOS app development by allowing users to convert website content into an application. 

This is done through the Swift Xcode package, which wraps the URL or local HTML in an iOS application. 

The great thing about the WebViewGold template is that it does almost all tasks in just a few clicks. 

Thus, it can be used by even a developer with minimal coding language. This template is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. 

Oh! Also, the apps created using the template are guaranteed to be accepted in the Apple App Store, as promised by the author. 

  • SuperView:

SuperView is another phenomenal app template that is specifically designed to create a native iOS container for their website easily. 

This template is the most ideal one to create a single page web app with an on-screen or app that needs navigation. 

It is the way to go for users who wish to ease the tight learning curve associated with the Swift Programming language and iOS SDK. Since it makes the learning easy, the template is appreciated by many developers as well as users. 

This template comes with many great features that can be integrated into your iOS application, including:

  1. GPS Support
  2. Google AdMob
  3. Firebase or OneSignal push notifications
  4. Social Network Login
  5. Support for Right to left languages like Arabic 
  • Store Finder: 

The store finder app template helps you build an iOS application that is a must-have for all the shoppers. 

Suppose you need to find a particular item or product, but you don’t want to hop from store to store in search of it. In scenarios like this, the Store Finder app comes to the rescue. 

It will help you find the store that has the time you were looking for.

The template helps you create one such app with great features that can be integrated to intensify its value and position, including: 

  1. Google directions
  2. Pinch and Zoom Navigation
  3. Call, email, and SMS integration
  4. Social Media Logins
  5. And a lot of lot more!!


Many other templates can definitely be super effective if you choose to perform custom iOS app development. You can integrate thousands of features into your iOS application without having to code much. 

In a way, it is not just time-efficient and cost-efficient but also saves a lot of human efforts you would have otherwise had to put into creating an iOS application from scratch. 

If you ask us, we would suggest that you go to an iOS development company for better ideas and information regarding the templates that are a perfect fit for your project ideas. 

As we said earlier, there are around 1800 iOS app templates, and all can not be included in this article. Only a company dealing with iOS app development would be able to give you better insights.

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