These Are Our Favorite and Popular Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Coffee is no longer a drink that is only shared at home or ordered from cafes. This beverage has also made itself a part of every company’s culture; no wonder it is now considered a necessity in offices.

Besides satisfying everyone’s craving for caffeine, coffee has a lot more to offer. Providing good coffee in the workplace can help employees stay focused, boost productivity, develop working relationships, improve morale, and so on.

Companies can make these benefits come to life for a limited expense—we are not talking about putting instant coffee on stock but investing in a coffee machine. Without a doubt, the latter offers better-tasting coffee than the former.

While coffee machines are the most common equipment used in making coffee in Singapore, many other tools can help with coffee preparation.

Read on to find out three other tool options for brewing or preparing flavourful coffee.

Other Ways for Making Good Coffee

Moka Pot

A Moka pot is an ancient coffee maker that popularized in Italy. It was invented by Luigi De Ponti in 1933 and was bought and patented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1950.

This eighty-seven-year-old coffee pot became a kitchen staple not only in Italy but also in different countries. It brings a rich Italian culture that coffee enthusiasts would want to imbibe in their homes or office spaces.

Commonly referred to as a stovetop espresso maker, Moka pot has a simple yet intricate coffee brewing mechanism. It employs a three-chambered brew process, wherein water lies in the bottom, the grounds are held in the filter basket, and the brew is collected in the upper chamber.

When water boils, the steam releases excess pressure that pushes water up through the coffee grounds into the top chamber.​

The word ‘espresso’ may come to mind when pressure brewed coffee is talked about, but Moka pots are no different. These coffee makers can also be a great choice for offices and households that want to caffeinate a crowd—that is four to sixteen cups of coffee at once.

Coffee Dripper

Pour over dripping has now become a progressive way of brewing coffee. This method is employed by today’s unconventional coffee machines called manual pour-overs or coffee drippers.

As the name suggests, brewing is made relatively straightforward by pouring water over freshly ground beans. Gravity aids the water as it passes through the grounds, which creates a drizzle-like sensation over the coffee bed.

Coffee drippers have three important elements: ground coffee, coffee filter, and pour over brewer. Coffee beans freshly grounded to achieve a light-bodied tasting brew. Also, the filter must be rinsed before brewing to get rid of the paper taste.

The pour-over brewer plays a crucial role in drip-style coffee brewing. Pouring the water has two parts: bloom and brew time. In bloom time, 30 grams (or so) of water is poured over the grounds until they soak up. Then, the rest of the water is poured slowly over the grounds to prepare for brew time.

Less is more with manual pour over drippers. That is why this type suits households and offices that brew only small batches of great-tasting coffee.

French Press

Automatic coffee machines are nice to have—coffee drinkers can just sit around and wait for their coffees to be made.

However, some things are better when you work hard for it. That principle can be applied in coffee making because coffee tastes even better when self-brewed and shared.

When it comes to brewing coffee, the French press is among the favourite coffee equipment of coffee connoisseurs. Its design and mechanism don’t need high intellectual levels to bring an authentic Fresh press coffee to life.

This coffee maker type comprises of two parts: plunger and beaker. The plunger comes with a lid and filter while the beaker is joined by a base and handle. The first three gives coffee its rich and hearty body—with the filter ensuring grounds to stay in the bottom while being plunged.

Among the three coffee equipment options, this one is the most affordable and easiest to use. But, this is only ideal for those who would like a hands-on method of brewing coffee.

Explore Other Coffee Brewing Tools

With the countless coffee makers being invented in the past and introduced at present, households and business spaces have more options to brew their coffees. It is time for everyone to explore these options and re-think that coffee machines are the only and best tool for making a good cup of coffee.

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