Things to keep in mind Before Installing A Pond Fountain

There are various good reasons to invest in a pond fountain. However, some things need an important consideration. Understanding these is the best way to make the most out of your investment. Keeping everything in check allows being sure that you made the right choice to invest in the water feature. This article highlights some of these considerations that you have to take care of when considering getting a pond fountain.

Possible animals attracted to your garden

A pond with a floating fountain might attract some birds and bunnies. These come out to your garden to get a drink. It is very important to think about the possible animals the fountain might attract. Some of these might become a nuisance in your garden. Attracting rabbits in your garden is not a good idea if you grow vegetables. Additionally, having a family of skunks stopping by in your garden is a big problem.

You have to be sure that the fountain won’t attract animals you don’t need to be sure that you’ll always enjoy the tranquillity offered by the fountain. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about mosquitoes with a floating fountain on your pond. The fountain encourages the movement of water that creates an unfavorable environment to keep these pests away.

Noisy level

When looking forward to buy pond fountains, there are various options available. Each of these has a different noise level. You can’t overrule the possibility of ending up with a noisier fountain that you imagined. Minding about noise levels before purchasing a fountain is very important. The rule of thumb is to invest in a fountain that won’t become a nuisance.

Location matters

Fountains are somewhat noisy because of the pump operation and water sound. So, regardless of the noise level of your fountain, ensure to mind about where to install your water feature. The ideal location is close enough to enjoy the fountain and sound of water. However, this should not be close to the pump to drown out conversation with your family and friends while having a good time in the garden. The size and design of the fountain significantly determine the location of the pond.

Fountain quality matters

Apart from the noise level, it is very important to mind the quality of the fountain. There is a possibility of ending up with a poorly made fountain. Equally important is the need to invest in quality pond accessories including pumps. This ensures that they last longer and don’t break into pieces after use for a short while. Avoid products with a cosmetic look made from low-quality material that looks realistic but disappoint soon after.

Opting for the cheapest products on the market is a sure way to end up with poor quality pond accessories. Equally important is the need to avoid an extremely noisy fountain. Avoiding this requires doing due diligence before making a selection. The initial investment in quality pond accessories will mean spending less in the future. This is because quality products last much longer to save you a lot in replacements and repairs.

Doing routine maintenance

Apart from taking the plunge to invest in a pond fountain, you have to understand maintenance requirements. Fountains work well if given proper care with routine maintenance. Ignoring to clean and service your fountain makes it prone to various issues. Regular cleaning is required to eliminate debris and other dead matter that might cause a stench from the water in your pond.

Before you check out the nearby fountain supplies store, you have to keep maintenance requirements at the back of your mind. It is not a good idea to install a pond fountain and leave it without care. Maintenance is very important especially during the long cold winter. Fortunately, pond maintenance is a simple process as long as you have a commitment to tasks including:

• Following manufacturer guidelines
• Checking the water level
• Cleaning the fountain
• Stopping the growth of algae and limescale

Why invest in a pond fountain

Investing in a fountain is a great idea regardless of the space you have. Fortunately, these come in various designs, sizes, and materials to match everyone’s preferences. Some of the benefits of a pond fountain include:

• Giving your garden a new look
• Introducing more natural accents to your garden
• Access to the peaceful and relaxing moments
• Introducing a focal point in your garden


Spending time outdoors is a great idea for the mind, body, and soul. Vitamin D from the sun enriches the body while the relaxing and soothing atmosphere near the fountain is good for the mind and soul. Additionally, the spot near the fountain is a great place to host a party with friends and family. When night comes, a pond fountain with lights creates beautiful scenery. Luckily, fountains are available in various designs and sizes to match any space and preference.

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