Free Tools to Estimate Your Website, Mobile and Software Development Cost

Living in the modern digital era, your business needs a well-defined platform i.e. a mobile or web app to interact with customers digitally and showcase the desired information about your services/products. Having an online presence will not only help your business target a larger customer base but also attain business goals more effectively. One thing that you may be wondering is- How much to make a web and mobile app cost?Whether it’s about designing a building or developing software, getting an estimated cost is needed to execute your development plan more effectively. Cost estimations can give you a brief idea of the resources and associated costs needed, which will ensure better execution of project objectives within the planned budget and timeline. In this article, we will learn about the free tools that will help in giving an estimated mobile and web application development cost easily without any hassle.

How To Calculate Mobile & Web Development Cost With Free Tools?

Whether you own a startup or an enterprise-level organization, every business has a budget and must know an idea of the development cost. Here are some of the best tips to help you get an estimated web and mobile app development cost-

  • Stakeholders Must Take Part in Estimation Process

During the software estimation process, ensure that you involve business stakeholders at the earliest as this will define the cost more accurately and will help the business leaders, the technology team, or everyone involved to gain a better understanding of getting the estimate.

  • Know Why Software Estimation Projects Fail

One of the main reasons why many estimation projects fail is due to poor requirements and low leadership skills. Even the use of the finest technologies and highly-skilled developers will fail the project without proper requirements and leaders that are not available to answer questions when needed.

  • Divide the Requirements into Parts

To get an accurate estimation, your requirement should be broken down into parts enabling the team to set milestones and measure the cost accordingly. It is important to demand more details about the project during estimation for better transparency as it shortens estimation time & ensures quality development.

  • Get the Right Pair of Team

Apart from the developers, it is important to get a team that can understand the requirements and provides tangible business value. From business analysts that can write good requirements for effective development to designers that can provide easy interface & meaningful user flow to engage customers, getting the right team is needed.

  • Product Owner Must Keep Focus

Another important role in the software estimation process is product owner, as he/she is the one that drives the requirements, prioritizes the work, and sort out differences between technology and developers for quick execution. The product should keep the focus on the project & dedicate time to figure out red flags on time.

  • Estimation Metrics Should Reveal Problems at the earliest

Every estimate is based on the metrics that help in determining the speed at which the team is performing. Not every team will perform at the same pace, which is why comparing actual velocity to the original estimate is needed to help stakeholders find the budget misalignment that can be corrected when needed.

Lis of Free Tools to Help You Get Software Cost Estimation

Here are some of the free cost estimation tools that can help you plan your development budget more effectively and turn your idea into tangible business results-

Cost to Create an App – App Cost Calculator Tool

Cost to Create an App is an easy to use cost estimation tool that is freely available for anyone that wants to determine the cost to create an app for their project. Whether you want to build an android or iOS mobile app, web app, CMS solution, restaurant software, blockchain app, or any other solution, you can calculate the cost in a matter of minutes.

How Much to Make an App

Another handy app cost calculator is How Much to Make an App that will help you find the cost for iOS or Android app, website, logo, and many other solutions. All you need to is simply answer a few sets of questions and choose the preferred option as per your project requirements to the estimate quick and easy. 

Estimate My App

Estimate My App is one of the leading free app cost estimation tools that has been gaining attention over the years for giving an accurate estimation of the project cost for web, iOS/Android app. Know your requirements thoroughly and use the tool by choosing the desired option that best describes your business app and features you need to get the estimate.

Build Fire– How Much to Make a Mobile App Calculator

The leading mobile app development cost calculator that is known by many business owners is How Much to Make a Mobile App Calculator. This tool helps in giving the realistic cost estimate for your mobile app specifications with the comparison of the cost associated with developers of outside agencies and Build Fire.

Clavax- Project Estimate Tools

The fifth name in the list of the most effective cost estimation tools that comes for free is Project Estimate by Clavax. This tool considers several factors such as platform, features, integration support, and many more to find out the custom web or mobile application development cost just in few seconds.

Closing Statement

Though it’s impossible to get the exact development estimate, getting a rough idea on the estimate of your project will be very helpful in planning for the better execution of development. If you own a startup business, it’s advisable to build your mobile or web app with minimal and necessary functionalities only, as other features can be updated in the later phase. I hope you find the above tips helpful for your software estimation process! Don’t forget to check out these free tools to help in finding the web or mobile app development cost right away!

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