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You may or may not know it, but you’ve probably reviewed or read Marvel or Dc Comics for example.  So did you know that Japan You are not the only country in Asia to publish comics?

 If you’ve been reading Free Manga long enough, you’ll surely know Japanese manga, anime hentai, doujins or anime. And you should know that there are also Webtoon Manhwa or Manhua, however, what is the difference between all of them?  What is Manhwa Webtoon?  What is Manhua?  Why can’t you call them all Manga?  Find out and discover the differences between Manga, Manhwa and Manhua in this article.

 1. Manga

 You probably already know what manga is.  We have all heard about it in the anime community.  Now, let’s start with the exact definition of Manga.  Manga is the word used in the Western world to refer to Japan’s graphic novel (comic book) (please note that Japanese people can use Anime and Manga interchangeably).  Manga is the origin of many anime series (and many dramas across Asia!), Although some are based on video games like Pokemon, Naruto or Dragon Ball.

 To read Manga Hentai, start from top right and read right to left, top to bottom.  The manga is also oriented differently from Western novels, the front of a Manga Hentai is the back of Western novels.  So you have to turn the pages from left to right.  This orientation confuses a lot of readers for the first time, so many companies will include a tutorial on how to read the Manga on the last page, where a new comic reader will see it first.

 Manga Hentai comes from Japan and is drawn by Japanese painters.  Most of the settings are located in Japan and use a lot of life aspects from Japanese culture.  When translated into English, but sometimes you will come across the use of special words that indicate status in Japanese society in Manga. 

 The quality of the hentai manga’s image and artwork may vary greatly by the Webtoon Manhwa Hentai.  Sometimes some manga has rough artwork, while others are extremely beautiful or authentic.  Artwork can be extremely detailed and change gradually throughout the story.  The covers of Manga Hentai are often designed to be beautiful in color, and the inside of the manga tends to be black and white.

 2. Webtoon Manhwa

 If you haven’t heard of Webtoon Manhwa or don’t know what it means, Manhwa is the word used for a Korean comic book.  Therefore, Manhwa tends to be contextual in Korea and uses a lot of Korean culture in the story.

 Unlike Manga, the reading of Webtoon Manhwa is different from Manga.  You read a Manhwa from left to right, top to bottom, like a Western novel.  This can make it difficult for you to read the manga for a long time and the story seems to follow every page turn.

 Like the Manga, Webtoon Manhwa is mostly based on illustrations, although artwork can sometimes be a bit rough and much less detailed than Manga.  There are some gentle and beautiful artwork that you will definitely like like My Stepmom, My Aunt, Painter of the night, False Memories, A guy like you, Bj alex, a man of virtue, Killing Stalking, Love Bite  , Vampire Heart, Pian Pian, Sign, Love Shuttle, …

 Manhwa Webtoon tends to have more dramatic elements (like Korean dramas) than Japanese comics (although there are many Japanese comics that are also very dramatic).  Usually, school romance using Korean gangs in their story and dating is a main plot point in many Manhwa, however, the stories are well thought out and well written.  good.  Recently, Manhwa writers have opened up the idea of ​​BL (Boy Love) Webtoon and occasionally you might come across a BL webtoon manhwa.  An example of a Manhwa BL Webtoon that made a big buzz in the LGBT community (Yaoi Fan Community) is Painter of the night.

 3. Manhua

 Lastly, we have Manhua, a word used for Chinese painting, Nowadays, Manhua Hentai refers to Chinese comics and it is growing due to the popularity of Japanese Manga and Anime.  A manhua hentai could be published in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong.  This allows Manhua hentai to be more diverse in its plot than Manga hentai and Manhwa hentai.  Manhua can take place in modern China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Xi’an for most scenarios, Hong Kong, or Taipei, Taiwan, as well as ancient China, where the emperors  still exist.  Due to its Manhua origin, it has many aspects of Chinese culture including food, clothing and lifestyle.

 Like Manga, Manhua is read from right to left, from top to bottom, helping Manga readers more easily adapt to reading Manhua.  Sometimes you may not realize you have chosen a Manhua until you come across fairly obvious non-Japanese names.

 A lot of Manhua have beautiful illustrations.  However, unlike Manhwa and Manga, Manhua is published in full color so each page has beautiful illustrations.  It can help make the illustrations stand out!  This can be a welcome addition for readers who like the color a little more in their comics.

 The plot for Manhua tends to be different with many stories set in ancient China.  Although your opinion may differ from Manhua, Manhua tends to be unpopular with readers because the stories are often garbled and the order is distorted.  That, along with the content of the story, is not well thought out.  Also, like Chinese dramas, the drama is very light and has more focus on comedy and romance.  This can be either positive or negative, depending on your tastes.

 4. Summary

 Most people have their own ideas and opinions, so share your favorite websites or apps: free manga online, free webtoon manhwa or free manhua!  Which genre has better graphics and storylines?  Which category has better art images?  Here are top 10 best websites you can read great works.

 Read free manhwa webtoon and share with your friends.

 1 – Webtoon Line

 2 – Toomics Comics

 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

 4 – Manytoon Comics

 6 –

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 – Tappytoon Comics

 10 –

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