Top 10 Business Data Provider Companies in India

India is experiencing another productive year in analytics. In this article, we are going to acknowledge the industry’s stalwarts who make a tremendous contribution to the analytics domain, empowering organizations with their analytical prowess.

Know the top 10 Business Data Provider Companies in India


Tofler Website is a licensed website. It has been started as a directory of Indian firms. In India, it has details of more than 1.4 million companies. With new companies established across India, it updates its database daily. Tofler offers companies a research platform that provides enterprise solutions, analysis, API solutions, and marketing and sales services.


Tofler grants you, subject to your compliance with their Terms of Service, a real, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access and use the Website and the contents. They provide the dataset, including the structured data, text, and media files, without limitations.


Blueocean helps its customers through data integration and a multidisciplinary approach that allows for sound, data-driven business decisions. It is part of the Cross-Tab network, which includes more than 1000 professionals from offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai, and India, serving the world’s largest companies.


They offer market growth strategies, customer insight, digital transformation. Effectiveness of marketing is offered by integrated marketing evaluation, marketing based on people, and sales effectiveness assurance.


Datalicious is an analytics partner and technology company that provides the tools and insights to help companies achieve more efficient marketing results. They began in Australia as an analytics consulting partner and have expanded internationally since then through their growing divisions of products and services. Datalicious is also one of the biggest resellers of Google Analytics 360 Suite in South East Asia, a member of the Equifax Group. Many of their products include the SuperTag tag manager, user ID management tool for DataExchange, and cross-channel marketing analytics system for OptimaHub.


Datalicious is Google Analytics’ biggest premium reseller in the APAC zone. They are one of the leaders in web analytics and have main offerings of consumer travel analytics, web, and marketing analytics. Recently they released their solution for brand attribution – OptimaHub – with Facebook’s global collaboration.

4.Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics provides a human decision in the business by adding analytics & AI to the decision-making process. Leading global businesses alliance with Fractal Analytics to develop innovative analytics technologies, set up excellence analytical centers, and institutionalize data-driven decision-making.

Services: Fractal represents its clients as a strategic partner where they advise and offer a wide range of personalized business intelligence insights targeted for structured analytics teams or individual business units.

5.Hansa Cequity

Hansa Cequity claims that if businesses need to be agile and competitive in the marketplace, they need to boost customer loyalty more than ever in their quest to build value, market share, and enhance the customer experience. Hansa Cequity helps businesses acquire customers intelligently, maintain them optimally and handle them profitably.


Hansa Cequity put together multidisciplinary teams of professionals who integrate years of experience in product/service marketing organizations, advertisements. Direct marketing agencies, analytics firms, software consultancies, and digital and creative agencies allow companies to stand out in the market by offering their clientele unique value propositions.


IBM has expanded its operations with headquarters in Bangalore and offices across 20 cities, with a presence in India since 1951. With innovation at the heart of the company, IBM India has established itself as one of the leaders in the Indian Information Technology industry. It offers end-to-end solutions to clients ranging from hardware tools and applications to a wide range of technology, cognitive, cloud, and consulting services. They help clients solve complex business and technical issues with its advanced analytics, analysis tools, extensive knowledge of the IT infrastructure.


IBM provides businesses the ability to operate in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment. They develop a machine learning center to promote the use of ML in India.


Manthan excels in applying decision-making sciences, advanced math, and artificial intelligence to invent and bring ideas to life. Its products powered by the capabilities of AI, cloud, and perspective are unique in their ability to use machine intelligence to process decision contexts and automatically respond with actions.


With Manthan, business users can easily access and ingest analytics for their daily and strategic tasks through simple, natural language interfaces in voice and text. One of the key advantages of Manthan is that they offer high RoI.

8.TEG Analytics

TEG is based on an open-source/big data architecture, the patented FutureWorks offers trouble-free last-mile research, reduces time to market, and improves analytics adoption across the company enterprise.


TEG delivers Speed of Business and provides its customers with trouble-free analytics. Not only does it include the numbers and model as a solution, but it also links it to business and applies it at the level of organization.


It is a top-tier business process management analytics and consulting firm that facilitates smart processes, insight-driven decision-making, and smart technology-enabling for more than 300 customers across 11 industries. Apart from its industry-focused analytics solutions powered by domain experts, it has a wide range of service offerings that reach through industries, including customer experience management, marketing analytics, campaign analytics, and social media analytics.


They use proprietary big data collection, AI / ML-powered products that produce groundbreaking results while also doubling up as tools for providing analytics-as-a-service. Its Analytics Innovation Center allows experimentation of new technologies and trending tools on the market.

10.Cartesian Consulting

Cartesian Consulting is a team of professionals and talented employees who provide services to leading brands worldwide across sectors including hospitality, travel, retail, food & QSR, e-commerce, telecommunications, and financial services. They deliver consumer analytics solutions, data analytics, market forecasting, recommendation engines, NLP, and text mining solutions.


They work on a variety of consumer analytics, marketing analytics, digital analytics, including optimization and testing, business analytics, channel analytics, size, promotions, and optimization of margins.

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