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Top 5 Attars

Attar or commonly known as ittar, is a concentrated oil-based perfume. Attars are derived from natural sources including the petals of flowers, spices, barks of trees and exotic woods. Being highly concentrated, it is sold in small quantities.

This fragrance is extensively used in India, Middle East as well as South Asia. However, in other parts of the world too, attar has come to prominence and people are loving it. Perfume connoisseurs are loving it too and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an exotic scent.

If you have ever used pure attar, you probably know why people love it. If you haven’t, one thing is for certain – you are going to love it too! If you intend to buy attar online or are fascinated by an Oudh Perfume, this is a post that you must read.

But, the question is- which fragrance to go for? We try to ease your dilemma by sharing the 5 best attar fragrances for men with you. And whether you are a connoisseur in this area or just a beginner, you are sure to like them.

Top 5 Attars for Men

  • Oud

One of the most exotic and expensive fragrances, the oud attar is highly desired. There are various attar fragrances that solely make the use of oud while in other attars, it is used as a base.

Oud actually comes from the agarwood tree. Whenever this tree gets infected with a parasitic mold called Phialophora parasitica, the tree reacts to the mold by forming a dark resin. This resin is quite precious and rare as only about 2% of the trees produce it. This dark aromatic resin is used to make oud.

Having a complex scent that can be described as woody and sweet, we are sure that you will love this one! Apply a little on your wrists or behind your earlobes to feel its magic. Being warm in nature, oud is best applied during the winters.

  • Musk

A rare species of the male deer called the ‘Musk’ deer secretes a brown substance from its musk glands. This brown substance is what is used to make the musk attar. After collecting this substance, it is dried and powdered and then soaked in ethanol for a long time.

Described as having a sweet fragrance, the scent from a musk attar is hard to resist. Musk is an extremely popular scent that you must try out. This attar works best in hot and humid climates as the release of human sweat enhances it.

  • Oud Mukhallat

A true oriental gem, Oud Mukhallat is sure to win your heart. The oud oil is mixed with several other notes like florals or herb-based oils.

Well composed and crafted to perfection, this one is a treat to smell. It has a strong and yet subtle scent. Oud oil is mixed with a few other organic oils to make this masterpiece.

With Oud Mukhallat, you are sure to turn heads around and fetch compliments. A true connoisseur’s choice, you must try this if you haven’t already. Even if you are a beginner, you are in for a sweet surprise with this one!

  • Rasasi

Another exotic attar that we are sure you’ll love is the ‘Rasasi’. It is the perfect blend of concentrated natural oils and is a mix of wooden, citric and floral substances.

This scent is inspired by the world of Arab perfumery and yet, has a modern take of its own. A bold and powerful scent, it is strong and sensuous.

Rasasi will make a wonderful addition to your collection. Even if you are just starting out, starting with this one is a good idea.

  • Amber Wood

A long lasting scent, amber wood has a woody herbal fragrance. Its main ingredient is amber and the top notes are that of carefully selected herbal fragrances.

If you are a beginner and don’t wish to go for something too crazy, go for the simple yet classic amber wood.

This is a masterpiece that you cannot go wrong with. With each of its whiffs, you’ll feel captivated, sensuous, and powerful. Intricately crafted with multiple substances that perfectly balance each other out, Amber wood attar is sure to become your favorite.

Over to You

Here, we shared the top 5 attars for men. Which one of these are you the most excited to try?